Experience Your Favorite Shows and Movies Like Never Before with the BONTEC Low Profile Tilt TV Wall Mount



Tired of that bulky, space-hogging TV stand dominating your living room? Want to create a sleek, modern look that showcases your shiny new flat screen TV? Then it’s time to ditch the stand and go for a wall mount. And we’ve got just the one for you – the BONTEC Low Profile Tilt TV Wall Mount.

With its slim, low-profile design, this mount sits just 1.2 inches from the wall, keeping your TV stable and secure while freeing up valuable floor space. Constructed from reinforced cold-rolled steel with a durable black powder coated finish, it can support TVs from 23 to 60 inches and up to 99 pounds.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the integrated spring locking system and easy-to-follow instructions. This mount is compatible with both wood studs and concrete walls, and all necessary fixtures are included – even a handy spirit level so you can get it perfectly straight.

Once mounted, you’ll appreciate the tilt feature that allows you to adjust the viewing angle down 0-15 degrees. This helps reduce glare and lets you customize the position for maximum comfort. No more stiff necks from craning to see the screen!

The VESA mount pattern offers universal compatibility for today’s flat, curved and OLED TVs. It fits hole configurations from 400x400mm down to 50x50mm. Just make sure to confirm your TV’s VESA pattern, weight and size specifications before purchasing.

With open access to cables for easy connecting and hiding, the BONTEC mount allows for a clean, clutter-free look. Five included cable ties keep everything neatly managed.

Give Your Entertainment Setup a Modern, Sophisticated Look

Tired of that clunky black plastic eyesore of a TV stand making your living room look anything but stylish? The BONTEC Low Profile Tilt TV Wall Mount blends seamlessly into the background for a polished, contemporary appearance.

Free up floor and shelf space while creating a focal point for your living area. Mounting the TV at eye level makes for ideal viewing. No more crouching down to see the screen!

Sit back and enjoy the game without worrying about your expensive new TV tumbling off its perch. Sturdy steel construction securely anchors your TV in place.

Keep cables neatly concealed against the wall for a clean, minimalist look. No more tangled messes snaking across the floor. The low-profile mount sits nearly flush to keep distractions at a minimum.

Experience Ultimate Viewing Comfort and Convenience

Straining your neck to see the TV from down on the floor? Glare from the sun ruining your picture? With the BONTEC Tilt TV Wall Mount, you can stop the neck pain and enhance your viewing experience.

The 15-degree tilt range lets you angle the screen to eliminate glare. No more squinting or repositioning your seat to get a clear picture!

Place your TV at the optimal height and angle to suit your space. Lay back on the couch and take in a movie marathon without discomfort.

Keep your remotes, game controllers and other accessories within arm’s reach. No more fumbling around for the remote that slipped down behind the TV stand!

Easily connect devices with open wall plate access. Concealed cable channels keep everything organized and out of sight.

Streamline Your Space and Show Off Your TV

That clunky TV stand sticking out into the room is so last decade. Free up floor space and create a clean, contemporary look with the BONTEC Low Profile Wall Mount.

Mounting your television liberates extra room for lounging or activity. Less furniture clutter also helps make small spaces appear more open.

The slim mount practically disappears against the wall once installed. Let your beautiful, modern TV take center stage without distraction.

No more worrying about curious toddlers or excited pets toppling over a fragile television stand. Keep your TV secure on the wall and out of harm’s way.

Display your television at the perfect height for comfortable viewing from anywhere in the room. Say goodbye to slouching and neck craning!

Unlock Unlimited Positioning Possibilities

With its ability to tilt and swivel, the BONTEC Wall Mount provides you with virtually unlimited positioning possibilities. No more being constrained by the fixed position of a TV stand.

Tilt your television down up to 15 degrees to eliminate glare. Angle it towards the kitchen to catch the action from dinner prep. Swivel for the ideal viewpoint from different spots in the living room.

Position your TV at the perfect height for standing views or sitting relaxation. Cater the setup to your unique space.

Easily adjust the tilt for daytime versus nighttime viewing. Get the most comfortable experience at any time of day or for any activity.

Point your television towards the treadmill or exercise bike. Keep up with your shows while working out!

Experience next-level entertainment possibilities and unlimited viewing positions. The BONTEC Tilt TV Wall Mount delivers!


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