Find Your Zen with the Besunbar Meditation Floor Chair



Experience next-level comfort and versatility with the Besunbar Meditation Floor Chair. This innovative floor chair provides exceptional back support and customizable positions to enhance your meditation, yoga, gaming, working, reading, or TV watching. Let’s explore why this is the perfect chair to help you find your zen.

Customizable Comfort for All Your Needs

The Besunbar floor chair features six adjustable positions ranging from 90 to 180 degrees. Easily adjust the backrest to find your ideal seating position whether you want to sit fully upright to meditate or recline back to read a book. The metal-locking technology ensures the chair stays securely in place once you find your perfect position.

Plush padding and a breathable cover provide superior comfort no matter how you use the chair. The extra thick sponge cushioning creates a comfortable surface for sitting cross-legged, kneeling, or with legs extended. This level of padding helps align the spine, making the Besunbar chair excellent for promoting proper posture during meditation or yoga.

Multipurpose & Portable

This floor chair quickly becomes an essential piece of furniture with its wide range of uses. Replace an extra chair with this space-saving design perfect for extra seating during gatherings. Use it while playing video games to avoid straining your back by sitting on the floor. Put your feet up after a long day or set it to a 180-degree recline for a quick nap.

The lightweight steel frame and compact foldable design make it easy to move the Besunbar chair to any spot in your home. When folded flat, it easily stores under a bed or sofa to save space. Take it along to use outdoors at the park or beach.

High Quality Materials Built to Last

Durability and quality craftsmanship ensure this meditation chair remains a long-lasting addition to your home. The strong steel frame provides stability while supporting up to 300 pounds with ease. Long-term use will not compromise the structure or comfort.

The cover uses a premium soft polyester material that’s simple to wipe clean after use. Choose from four stylish colors including blue, grey, brown, and black to match your home’s decor. The modern, minimalist design looks elegant in living rooms, bedrooms, dorms, and offices.

Transform Your Space with Versatile, Customizable Seating

Whether you need a meditation aid, an extra seat for guests, or a cozy reading nook, the Besunbar floor chair adds both functionality and style to your space. Let’s take a look at the many ways this adjustable floor chair can transform your home:

Create a dedicated meditation spot by placing the chair in a quiet corner of the bedroom. Adjust to an upright 90-degree angle, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and feel a sense of zen wash over you.
Set aside distraction-free working time by positioning the chair near a window for natural lighting. Adjust to an optimal angle for typing on a laptop perched on your legs or seated at a low table.
Make family movie nights more comfortable by using the chair as a cozy, adjustable seat. Recline back with your feet up and snooze away.
Use as extra seating in a child’s bedroom for reading bedtime stories together. Adjust to an upright position and pat the cushion beside you to invite your little one to sit close.
Take pressure off your back during long gaming sessions by replacing an office chair with this comfortable floor model. Adjust the backrest to provide lumbar support.
Create additional guest seating for parties and gatherings. Offer the adjustable chair and watch guests customize their own comfortable positions.
With its versatility, comfort, and customizable angles, the Besunbar meditation chair adds value to any room. Experience how simple adjustments enable you to tailor this chair to your needs. Bring a new level of comfort and tranquility into your home with this must-have multi-purpose furniture piece.


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