Floral Accent Rug – Retro Style Pink Medallion



Give your home a blast from the past with this eye-catching floral accent rug from Auruge. Featuring a retro-inspired pink medallion design, this machine-washable rug adds a pop of vintage vibrance to any room.

Vintage-Inspired Style

Transport your space back to the funky decades of yesteryear with this groovy floral rug. The circular floral medallion motif in dusty pink hues evokes retro style, adding a playful pop of pattern to brighten up your floors. Whether you’re going for a 70s boho vibe or just looking to liven up a dull corner of your home, this rug brings a nostalgic charm from decades past into the modern day.

Durable & Easy-Care Construction

Though it channels retro style, this rug boasts a durable easy-care construction that stands up to the rigors of everyday life. The medium 0.5-inch pile height prevents dirt and debris from getting trapped, while the polypropylene and TPE materials ensure long-lasting performance. And when it’s time to clean, simply toss this rug in your washing machine for a refresh. The durable fibers can handle cold water on a gentle cycle, so upkeep is a breeze.

Plush & Comfortable Pile

Curl your toes into the plush softness of this shag rug. It features a medium pile thickness with hundreds of thousands of microfiber strands, resulting in a super soft and fuzzy texture. While high pile rugs can sometimes snag and unravel, the medium 0.5-inch pile on this accent rug offers cozy comfort that holds up well to traffic from kids and pets. Sink your feet in and enjoy the cloud-like cushiness.

Safe for Families

Let your kids and furry companions roam freely on this pet and kid-friendly rug. The durable fibers are resistant to shedding and everyday wear-and-tear from playful pets and rambunctious children. No need to stress about juices, dirt, or pet accidents damaging the rug fibers. Just give it a gentle machine wash to restore its beauty. Your family will love gathering together on this soft, welcoming floor covering.

Vibrant Pink Color

The faded antique pink color palette adds cheerful character to your floors. Complimenting both light and dark wood flooring, this pop of pink makes a statement in any room. The muted dusty tones prevent the color from appearing too loud or neon, ensuring it mixes well with your existing furnishings and decor. Liven up a neutral space or add a splash of color to any area needing a visual pick-me-up.

No-Slip Design

Stop your rug from sliding around on hardwood and tile with the special no-slip construction. This rug features a non-skid TPE material on the backside to prevent shifting, buckling, and movement on smooth flooring. No more adjusting and straightening the rug after someone trips on an edge or corner. The no-slip backing keeps this accent rug firmly planted in place.

Polypropylene Fibers

Durable and easy-to-clean polypropylene fibers give this rug its longevity and stain resistance. Polypropylene offers superior strength against high foot traffic, daily wear-and-tear, and rowdy pets. Even after repeat washing, the color remains vibrant rather than fading. And should you ever encounter a particularly stubborn stain, the polypropylene material makes it easier to remove.

Multipurpose Usage

This versatile pink shag rug works well in just about any room. Use it to define a living room seating area, beneath a dining table, next to a bed, in a home office, or even in an entryway. The medium 5×7 size fits nicely in high traffic areas without taking over the entire room. Decorate your space with this accent rug’s lively energy and retro vibe.

Trusted Brand

With decades of home furnishing expertise, Auruge creates quality rugs and decor to elevate your space. Using on-trend designs and innovative techniques, the Auruge brand brings you reliable home products to trust. This machine-washable accent rug demonstrates Auruge’s commitment to value, convenience, and style.

Complete Your Room

Tie together your living room, bedroom, or other space with this floral accent rug. Place it in the center of the room or layer it partially underneath furniture to define a seating area. The faded vintage design and plush pile add cozy softness and visual interest over existing carpeting or hard floors.

Bring home enduring style with this retro-chic area rug from Auruge Rugs. With its vintage medallion pattern and easy-care machine-washable polypropylene fibers, this floral accent rug adds a lively focal point to your floors. Order yours today!


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