Foldable Wooden Toilet Stool for Improved Bowel Health



Sick of spending too much time on the toilet straining to go number two? Fed up of uncomfortable and incomplete bowel movements that leave you feeling blocked up? Then it’s time you tried our revolutionary BLUEWEST Foldable Toilet Stool and saw the dramatic improvement it can make to your bowel health and bathroom experience!

Made from premium natural Acacia wood, our toilet stool is the sturdy and comfortable bathroom essential you’ve been missing. Using an ergonomic squatting position, our stool works with your body to produce faster, more complete and healthier bowel movements in just minutes a day.

The results are astonishing – customers report reduced constipation and hemorrhoids, less time straining on the toilet, and a more relaxed and empty feeling after going to the bathroom. No more painful pushing or extended toilet time – just fast effective relief at last!

Why Is A Squatting Position Better?
Here’s the science bit – sitting on a standard toilet causes an anatomical kink in your rectum which obstructs and inhibits complete excretion. Squatting straightens the angle and unkinks the rectum, allowing you to fully and comfortably empty your bowels. After making the switch, customers are amazed by the difference!

Our toilet stool is thoughtfully designed to give you this same benefit:

✅ Premium Natural Acacia Wood – Handcrafted from durable and waterproof acacia wood, our squatting platform is built to last. Gentle on your behind and the environment.

✅ Foldable and Compact – Collapses to just 2 inches flat for discreet storage and portability. Take it on trips or keep it handy.

✅ Fits Most Toilets – The smart circular cut-out fits over most toilet bowls securely. Anti-slip grooves provide added stability as you squat.

✅ Supports Up to 250lbs – Though lightweight, our stool can handle heavy loads. Kids, adults, seniors – suitable for the whole family!

✅ 7 Inch Height – Ideal for aligning your body into an effective and comfortable squatting posture. Improves posture and reduces straining.

✅ Easy To Clean – Made from waterproof acacia wood. Just wipe clean or rinse off. No need for complicated disassembly.

Discover The Benefits of Squatting
Switching to a squatting position for your bowel movements can provide incredible and almost instant relief. Here are just some of the ways customers have reported our toilet stool helps:

💩 Fast and complete excretion – No more spending ages on the toilet pushing out hard stools bit by bit. Squatting relaxes the puborectalis muscle and straightens the rectum allowing stools to pass out easily.

💩 Less Constipation – The rectum empties more fully while squatting, reducing build up and blockage. Gentle relief from the misery of constipation.

💩 Fewer Hemorrhoids – Squatting reduces pressure and straining that can cause painful hemorrhoids. Customers report reduced irritation and swelling.

💩 Improved Colon Health – The posture improves excretion which has been linked to lower risk of colorectal conditions. Promotes good colon health.

💩 Portable Relief – Take the lightweight stool anywhere. Use it at home, work, or while traveling. Poop like a pro wherever you go!

💩 Kids Love It – Make potty training easier and more successful. The perfect height for little ones learning to use the toilet.

💩 Seniors Approve – Older users appreciate the stability and comfort. No more struggling to get up and down off low toilets.

Relieve Your Backside and Free Your Bowels

If you’re fed up with painful, laborious and incomplete bathroom experiences, you need the BLUEWEST Foldable Toilet Stool. Designed to easily improve bowel movements through an ergonomic squatting posture. Just minutes a day is all it takes to get fast relief.

Ditch the strain, blockage, and hemorrhoid misery for good! Click Add to Cart now to experience healthier and easier defecation. Your backside will thank you!


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