Give Your Back a Break with the BRTHORY Ergonomic Office Chair



Do you spend hours hunched over your desk, only to get up with an aching back and sore neck? It’s time to give your back a break with the BRTHORY Ergonomic Office Chair. This intelligently designed chair provides customized support right where you need it most.

Tailored Comfort for All-Day Support

The BRTHORY office chair features an S-shaped structure that follows the natural curvature of the spine. The breathable mesh backrest has an adjustable lumbar support cushion that conforms to fit the small of your back. This helps maintain proper spinal alignment and reduce back pain caused by sitting.

You can also adjust the height and angle of the backrest to find your perfect reclining position. Between the contoured cushions and customized configuration, it feels like the chair was molded just for you.

Cradle Your Neck with a Cozy Headrest

In addition to back support, the chair includes an adjustable headrest to cradle your neck. The soft, contoured cushion alleviates pressure on your neck while supporting the natural curve of your head. This helps prevent “tech neck” stiffness from hunching over a screen all day.

Armrests for Optimal Arm and Shoulder Support

The chair features flip-up armrests so you can rest your arms in the most comfortable position. This removes tension from the shoulders and upper back. The armrest height, width and angle can all be adjusted to provide a personalized fit.

Find Your Perfect Seat Height

A pneumatic seat height adjustment lever allows you to easily customize the height of the chair from 50 to 60cm. This ensures your feet are planted firmly on the floor with thighs parallel to it. Proper seat height helps promote good posture by keeping your body in alignment.

Tilt and Rock for Fluid Movement

The office chair features tilt tension control so you can adjust the resistance when rocking back. Or lock the chair upright to disable rocking. The backrest reclines up to 125° so you can tilt back to stretch your spine and relieve pressure.

The smooth, rocking motion makes it easy to reach items around your desk without straining. The heavy-duty chair base provides stability so you can lean and swivel without worry of tipping over.

Compact Design Fits Under Desks

Don’t worry about sacrificing space for comfort. The armrests flip up so you can easily tuck the chair under your desk when not in use. The base is designed to fit neatly into tight corners.

High Quality Materials Built to Last

The BRTHORY ergonomic chair is constructed with durable materials designed to withstand daily use. The steel frame, nylon base and high-density molded foam seating provide stability and resilience.

The breathable mesh back remains cool even during marathon work sessions. The smooth PU leather cushions are soft yet supportive while also being oil- and water-resistant for easy cleaning.

Experience Customized Comfort and Support

Stop slouching, sliding and slumping at your desk. The BRTHORY Ergonomic Office Chair provides tailored support right where you need it, no matter how you sit. Its intelligent design straightens posture while its customized configuration coddles your body’s unique curves.

Give your back a break and feel the difference customized comfort can make. Bring home the BRTHORY chair for all-day support at work, home or school. Your spine will thank you!


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