Give Your Bathroom a Modern Upgrade with the Beelux Smart Touch LED Bathroom Mirror



Tired of squinting into a dim, foggy mirror while getting ready in the morning? Upgrade your bathroom with the Beelux Smart Touch LED mirror and enjoy a brightly lit, crystal clear reflection every time. With adjustable color temperature and brightness, anti-fog technology, and shatterproof construction, this innovative LED mirror makes bathroom routines easier and more pleasant.

The Beelux mirror provides front-facing LED lighting that is completely customizable to your needs and preferences. Choose from 3000K warm white to 6000K daylight illumination to get the perfect lighting for makeup application, shaving, or just having a better view in the early morning hours. The brightness is also adjustable from 10% to 100% with a touch of the dimmable controls, so you can create the ideal ambiance for any activity or time of day. No more straining to see in a darkened bathroom!

Another great feature of the Beelux Smart Touch mirror is the anti-fog functionality. A quick tap of the control switch activates a fog-free setting that maintains a clear reflection even after a hot shower. Say goodbye to constantly wiping the mirror to get a glimpse of your reflection! The anti-fog properties let you get ready with ease and confidence.

Designed to be both beautiful and durable, the frameless rectangular mirror has a sleek modern look with its beveled edges and understated styling. But don’t let its elegant aesthetic fool you – this mirror is built to last! The LED lighting components are protected by an IP54 waterproof rating, so you can install it in your shower or bath area without worry. It’s also passed extensive drop, impact, and pressure testing to ensure the tempered glass remains shatterproof. A safe yet stylish addition to any bathroom.

Getting the Beelux Smart Touch LED mirror set up and adjusted to your preferences is quick and simple. The integrated memory function stores your personalized color temperature and brightness settings, so the mirror recalling your favorites each time you use it. No need to constantly fiddle with the controls to get your perfect lighting environment. Just set it once and enjoy the convenience every morning!

With its advanced lighting features, anti-fog technology, and durable shatterproof glass, the Beelux Smart Touch mirror improves everyday bathroom routines while adding a touch of modern elegance. Bright, clear reflections make grooming and applying makeup easy, while the customizable LED lighting sets the desired ambiance. It’s the ideal upgrade for any bathroom looking for a little more illumination and style.

Experience the Beelux Difference:

Adjustable 3000K to 6000K color temperature – customize the hue for ideal lighting
10% to 100% dimmable brightness lets you create perfect ambiance
Anti-fog functionality keeps mirror clear after steamy showers
Shatterproof tempered glass with IP54 waterproof rating for safety and durability
Sleek, frameless design with elegant beveled edges
Memory function recalls personalized settings every time
Easy installation with included mounting hardware
2 year warranty provides peace of mind
Light Up Your Bathroom in Style

Tired of squinting into dim, lackluster mirrors? The Beelux Smart Touch LED mirror illuminates your bathroom with customizable front-lighting that makes routines like shaving, makeup application, and hair styling easier and more pleasant.

Gone are the days of shadowy reflections and constant fogging. This innovative mirror features integrated LEDs with adjustable 3000K to 6000K color temperature, so you can customize the hue and brightness from 10% to 100% for perfect lighting in any task. Apply eyeliner with precision under bright 6000K daylight tones, then dim to a warmer 3000K glow for ambiance while relaxing in the tub. The options are endless!

And thanks to the handy anti-fog functionality, you’ll never have to wipe the mirror clear after a steamy shower again. The reflective glass maintains clarity and visibility, so you can get ready without frustration.

With its frameless beveled edge design, tempered shatterproof glass, and IP54 waterproof rating, the Beelux mirror combines durability and modern style for an elegant accent in your bathroom. Installation is quick and easy, while the built-in memory recalls your preferred settings daily.

Experience the convenience of customizable lighting and a fog-free view with the Beelux Smart Touch LED mirror. Ditch the dim, dreary mirrors of the past and light up your bathroom in style!

Your Guide to the Beelux Smart Touch LED Mirror

The Beelux Smart Touch LED mirror is the innovative way to illuminate your bathroom while creating a modern, sophisticated look. Its intelligent features and adjustable settings make daily grooming and beauty rituals easier and more enjoyable. This guide covers everything you need to know about this advanced bathroom mirror.

Customizable Front Lighting

Integrated LEDs let you adjust both the color temperature (from warm 3000K to cool 6000K) and brightness (10% to 100%) to create perfect lighting for any task. Apply makeup flawlessly under bright natural light or set a subdued evening ambiance with just a touch.

Anti-Fog Properties

No more wiping down foggy mirror! The anti-fog functionality keeps the glass clear after steamy showers so you can get ready with a crisp, visible reflection. Just tap the control switch as needed.

Sleek, Durable Design

The frameless rectangular mirror features clean beveled edges and a shatterproof tempered glass construction. IP54 waterproofing allows safe installation above sinks or near showers without worry.

Convenient Memory Settings

Personalized color temperature and brightness settings are stored by the integrated memory function, so the mirror recalls your favorites each time it’s used. No need to constantly reset.

Simple Installation

Mounting hardware, instructions, and template ensure this LED mirror can be installed smoothly and properly in just minutes. Looks beautiful while also being highly functional.

With its innovative lighting, anti-fog capabilities, durable design, and convenient features, the Beelux Smart Touch LED mirror is the modern bath solution you’ve been searching for.


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