Give Your Home a Stylish & Sophisticated Upgrade with the CEROELDA Small Trash Can



Tired of unsightly trash cans cluttering up your home? Searching for a compact, quality wastebasket that adds elegance without breaking the bank? Look no further than the CEROELDA Small Trash Can – the perfect blend of form and function.

With its vintage inspired design and high quality stainless steel construction, this wastebasket makes a stylish statement in any room of the house. The embossed body and sleek matte black finish give it a sophisticated, timeless look that is sure to elevate your space. Whether placed in the bathroom, bedroom, home office or anywhere else, this trash can lends an air of refined, farmhouse chic style.

Silent & Convenient Step Operation

Unlike noisy, rattling metal cans, the CEROELDA trash can features a silent soft-close lid that prevents loud banging and disruptive noises. Simply tap the step pedal to open the lid smoothly and quietly. No more slamming lids or worried glances if someone is sleeping nearby.

The lid also stays open at 90 degrees, allowing you to conveniently empty hands-free without the lid falling closed repeatedly. No more juggling trash and trying to balance a swinging lid. The thoughtful design makes depositing waste quick and hassle-free.

Locks in Odors for a Fresher Home

With its tight sealing lid and double layer design, this small trash can locks in odors so your rooms stay fresh. No more catching whiffs from stinky wastebaskets. The inner bucket lifts out for easy bag changes, leaving the sleek outer can clean.

Since all garbage is fully contained, you don’t have to worry about unsightly trash bags being visible. The CEROELDA trash can maintains a polished, put-together look from every angle. No more messy cans cluttering up your space.

High Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from thick, durable stainless steel with a fingerprint proof finish, the CEROELDA trash can is made to handle daily use without showing wear and tear. With its robust metal construction, you can trust it to maintain its pristine appearance for years to come.

The inner bucket is crafted from sturdy PP plastic to hold up to heavier loads. With its combination of strong stainless steel and tough plastic, this wastebasket is ready to tackle all your garbage needs.

Compact Size – Fits Anywhere!

Measuring just 11 inches high with a slim rectangular shape, this petite trash can readily fits into tight spaces. Barely larger than a wastebasket, its 5 liter capacity handles daily waste but in a compact footprint.

Place it discretely beside a desk or vanity without it commanding the room. Slide it next to the toilet or in a corner of the bedroom. The small size fits anywhere, making it easy to tuck away yet still have a trash can conveniently within reach.

Perfect for Any Room in Your Home

With its versatile size and elegant style, the CEROELDA trash can suits any room in your house. Use it in:

Bathrooms – Position beside the toilet to discreetly tuck away bathroom waste. The lid locks in odors for a fresher space.

Bedrooms – Complement nightstands as a stylish yet subtle wastebasket for tissues, water bottles and other bedroom trash.

Offices/Studies – Put beside desks or shelves as a classy metal trash bin for paper, envelopes and other office waste.

Kitchens – Place in a kitchen corner or discreetly under a counter to hold food wrappers, cans, and small food scraps.

Entryways – Sit by the front door to toss mail, masks, receipts and other items entering the house.

With its versatile styling, the CEROELDA trash can fashionably fits right into any home’s existing decor. Its slim rectangular shape and black finish blend into both contemporary and traditional decors. The embossed texture and farmhouse style gives it widespread appeal.

Why You’ll Love the CEROELDA Small Trash Can

✔ Retro inspired design with embossed texture
✔ Sleek matte black finish
✔ High quality fingerprint proof stainless steel

✔ Silent soft close lid
✔ Lid stays open for hands-free use

✔ Inner bucket lifts out for easy changes
✔ Hides trash bags from view
✔ Locks in odors for fresh smelling rooms
✔ Compact rectangular shape
✔ Takes up minimal space
✔ Versatile for any room

Experience Farmhouse Chic Style & Convenience

Ditch the unsightly trash cans and upgrade to the CEROELDA Small Trash Can for a seamless blend of form and function. With its vintage styling and convenient design, this wastebasket adds sophistication without sacrificing utility.

Bring convenience, odor control, and elegance to your home with just one purchase. The CEROELDA trash can provides compact, quality waste management so you can maintain a cleaner, more stylish home with ease.

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