Hollywood Glam Meets Affordable Functionality with This DIY Lighted Vanity Mirror Kit



Light Up Your Life and Look With This All-In-One Vanity Mirror Lighting Solution

Tired of squinting into dimly lit mirrors or struggling with unflattering overhead lighting while applying your makeup? Searching for that perfect well-lit vanity but dismayed by sky-high prices? With Blikshin’s LED vanity mirror lights kit, you can easily and affordably convert any existing mirror into a professional, well-lit vanity worthy of a star’s glam room.

This complete LED mirror lighting kit comes with everything you need to create a Hollywood-style lighted mirror, minus the outrageous price tag. The kit includes a high quality, extra long 10 foot LED light strip encased in a flexible and durable silicone, a dimmable 12V power adapter, and a handy remote control dimmer switch. With just a few minutes and a few easy installation steps, you can transform any basic mirror into a makeup station fit for a celeb.

Why You Need Proper Vanity Lighting

Let’s face it, bathroom and bedroom overhead lighting is designed for purpose, not beauty. Harsh overhead lights cast shadows across your face, hiding imperfections you need to see and making precise makeup application nearly impossible. Meanwhile, natural sunlight changes throughout the day, making it equally challenging to perfect your look. Proper vanity lighting illuminates your face evenly, lets you see with optimal clarity, and makes you look your very best.

With Blikshin’s LED vanity mirror lights, you can finally have flawless lighting without spending a fortune. The integrated LEDs emit a bright 6000K daylight glow at over 1600 lumens per 16.4 feet. The diffuse, flicker-free lighting eliminates shadows and replicating natural outdoor light. See every makeup brush stroke, grey hair, and pore with perfect clarity. Our color rendering index of 90+ accurately renders true colors, so your makeup looks the same indoors and out.

Customizable Brightness for Every Occasion

Different lighting levels work best for day versus evening makeup. Blikshin’s dimmable LED vanity lights make it easy to adjust brightness as needed. Use the touch-control remote to set your desired luminosity from 10-100%. Need a brighter glow for precision daytime application? Turn it up. Prefer a soft, candle-like glow for evening? Just dim for the perfect romantic ambience. The memory function even remembers your brightness settings.

Flattering, Shadow-Free Lighting That Makes You Look Your Best

Traditional overhead lighting or natural sunlight from above casts unflattering shadows across your facial contours. Our LED mirror lights are designed specifically to illuminate your face evenly and accurately, helping you look your most flawless and radiant self. The diffuse glow softly fills in shadows, brightens dull areas, and conceals flaws and wrinkles. See your true complexion without shadows or deception. Look perfectly polished and camera-ready in any setting or time of day.

Easy Installation and Use

No need to hire an electrician or installer. Installing your new smart mirror is simple. Just clean the mirror surface, secure the adhesive buckles, attach the LED light strip, and plug in the 12V adapter. Remote control operation makes using your new lighted mirror just as easy. Press once to turn on/off, long press to raise/lower brightness. Never fumble for tiny switches again.

Complete Premium Vanity Lighting Kit

Everything you need for a professional lighted Hollywood mirror in one affordable kit:

10 foot flexible LED light strip encased in silicone – easily contours to any mirror shape
360 top quality 2835 SMD LEDs emit 6000K natural bright white light, over 1600 lumens brightness
Color rendering index over 90 for true color rendering
Flicker-free and uniform light diffusion
Touch button with memory function remembers your brightness setting
12V power supply and 10 foot adapter cord for easy installation
Self-adhesive buckles make secure mounting easy
LED lifetime over 50,000 hours of daily use
DIY Your Dream Vanity on a Budget

Finally, you can skip the big box store vanity aisles and create asalon-worthy lighted makeup station at home for a fraction of the cost. For less than $XX, transform any existing mirror into a custom DIY Hollywood vanity. Small bathroom or bedroom? Limited counter space? No problem. Our LED mirror lighting kit works with any mirror style or size. Just stick on the lights, plug it in, and enjoy your new brightly lit vanity and flawless reflection.

Join the Hollywood lighting trend without the shocking price tag. With Blikshin’s all-inclusive LED vanity mirror lighting kit, creating your own well-lit makeup station or dressing table at home is easy. Order now to get your own affordable lighted mirror kit today!


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