Honor Your Veteran with this Elegant Burial Flag Display Case



Pay tribute to your veteran’s service and sacrifice with this beautifully crafted ASmileIndeep Flag Display Case. Lovingly designed to honor the folded burial flag presented to the family at a veteran’s funeral, this shadow box provides a dignified way to preserve and proudly display the flag.

Expertly constructed from solid wood, this case is built to last. The rich mahogany finish adds warmth and character that celebrates your veteran’s life. An anti-fade finish protects the wood from damage caused by light exposure. Unlike cheaper cases made with medium density fiberboard (MDF), our solid wood case promises durability and long-lasting beauty.

The case frame features a sleek, clean design with a wall mounting option for flexible display. Hang it in a place of prominence in your home or set it on a shelf to admire up close. The back of the case has an easy open and close metal turn button so you can access the interior. When closed, the latch firmly secures the contents inside.

Behind the shatterproof 3/16 inch thick tempered glass door, you’ll find ample room to display a standard 5 feet by 9.5 feet interment flag. The internal dimensions measure 13 inches high by 24 inches wide by 3 inches deep, easily accommodating the triangular folded flag presented to families at military funerals.

Protect your loved one’s burial flag from dust, dirt and humidity within this enclosed case. The airtight seal blocks contaminants from compromising the fabric’s integrity over time. Displaying the flag properly prevents natural fading from light damage.

Honor your Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Police veteran with this dignified memorial case. For active service members, this case makes a meaningful gift for their eventual retirement. It provides a way to acknowledge those who made the ultimate sacrifice or returned home safely after their mission.

An Heirloom Display Case for Cherished Memories
This burial flag display case transforms a folded American flag into a treasured family heirloom. The dignified presentation inspires memories that connect us to the past. One glance evokes pride, loss, grief and gratitude.

Give your loved one’s flag the display it deserves. This case provides a formal, respectable way to preserve the flag’s legacy for generations to come. It transforms a folded cotton and polyester flag into an honored memorial fixture.

Within the case, include personally meaningful items to create a patriotic tribute. The interior offers space for:

Funeral flag
Photographs from your veteran’s military service
Military medals and insignia
Challenge coins honoring specific units or missions
A folded letter from your loved one
Small vases for flowers or eucalyptus sprigs
Quotes, poems or scripture passages
Let this case tell your family’s story and celebrate your veteran’s place in history. Crafted of fine materials and designed with care, it testifies that your loved one’s sacrifice will never be forgotten.

An Elegant Flag Case Built to Last a Lifetime

Display your loved one’s burial flag with the honor and respect it deserves. This memorial case provides archival preservation to maintain its condition and meaning for generations. The solid wood build ensures enduring quality that cheaply made cases can’t match.

Materials Matter
Handcrafted from solid wood – not medium density fiberboard (MDF)
Anti-fade mahogany wood finish brings out the beauty of natural wood
Tempered glass door and sides allow crystal clear viewing
Durable metal turn button securely latches the back
Wall mountable and free standing
Designed for Protection
Airtight enclosure prevents dust and debris from entering
Dark interior prevents fabric fading from light damage
Clear glass sides let light in but block UV rays
Latch closure keeps flag securely displayed inside
Crafted for Convenience
Hang on a wall or set on a shelf
Quick and easy back entry for flag placement
Sized for standard 5′ x 9.5′ interment flags
Weighs under 7 pounds for easy handling
Built to Honor Their Service
Salutes Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Police forces
Meaningful for active duty service members and veterans
Ideal for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veteran’s Day and more
Thoughtful funeral, retirement, or special occasion gift
With an ASmileIndeep display case, you can confidently entrust your loved one’s burial flag to a fixture designed and constructed to last for generations. The superior workmanship and quality materials stand out from typical discount store boxes.

Made from solid wood instead of medium density fiberboard (MDF), our flag case promises enduring strength. Because it’s not simply bonded composite wood particles, the mahogany wood won’t split or crack over time. The rich finish maintains its luster instead of flaking or deteriorating.

Honor your veteran with the elegance and craftsmanship a burial flag deserves. This case features thoughtful details like secure glass panels to beautifully frame the flag’s display. With front, sides and back all transparent, the flag stays visible from any angle. The dark wood interior prevents light damage to preserve its condition.

Let our premium flag case proudly salute your loved one’s military service for years to come. Every time you see it, memories will come rushing back. Honor their sacrifice with a memorial case built to celebrate a lifetime of remembrance.


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