Introducing the Stunning Christopher Knight Home Jorell Iron Accent Table – A Unique and Eye-Catching Addition to Any Room



With its intricate black iron lace-cut design and sleek modern shape, the Christopher Knight Home Jorell accent table makes a bold statement in any space. This gorgeous home accent will instantly become the focal point of whatever room you place it in, drawing the eye with its unique style.

Crafted from premium iron, this accent table is built to last for years to come. The durable all-metal construction can withstand the test of time and maintain its beauty. The black finish gives this table a sophisticated look that will coordinate effortlessly with any existing decor.

A Compact Yet Statement-Making Home Accent

Though small in stature at just 12.25 inches square, this table packs a punch when it comes to grabbing attention. The barrel-shaped base and intricate cutout pattern give this accent table loads of visual appeal. It’s the ideal size for placing beside a chair or sofa to hold a lamp, book, or other decorative accent. The compact footprint lets you add big style without taking up much space.

The circular iron top provides just enough surface area for displaying small decor items or holding drinks and remotes. This makes it the perfect side table companion for seating areas throughout your home. Place it beside your favorite chair or couch to create an inviting reading nook. Or use a pair flanking a sofa or loveseat to bring symmetry and style.

Built to Last with Quality Iron Construction

Expertly constructed from durable iron, this accent table is built to handle years of use. The all-metal design and black finish make it highly resistant to rust. So you can feel confident placing this table indoors and outdoors for lasting performance.

The quality iron build prevents chipping, cracking, or breaking over time. And the materials require minimal maintenance to keep looking beautiful year after year. Just occasionally dust the table to maintain the rich black finish. With its resilience and timeless style, this table is sure to stay in the family for generations.

A Unique Table Design That Stands Out

What really makes this accent table shine is the unique lace cutout pattern on the sides. The intricate design gives this table plenty of visual flair that immediately grabs attention. The barrel base with circular holes carved throughout offers an artistic element that looks beautiful from every angle.

Place this anywhere in your home and let it take center stage as the focal point. The modern yet timeless design acts as an artful accent that energizes any space. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, this table adds a special touch.

Endless Placement Possibilities to Showcase Your Style

A versatile accent like this table can work in just about any room. Here are some stylish ways to incorporate it into your home:

Living room – Flank a sofa or chair with matching end tables. Or tuck one beside your favorite lounge chair to hold a decorative lamp.
Bedroom – Pull one up to a comfy armchair or use as a chic nightstand alternative.
Entryway – Place one near the front door topped with a vase of fresh flowers or car keys.
Patio – Add a bit of charm to an outdoor seating area. Looks gorgeous with a ceramic planter displayed on top.
Office – Provides a handy surface for a desk lamp or vase without taking up too much space.
Dining room – Looks fabulous tucked into a corner to hold wine bottles and glassware.
Wherever you choose to showcase this Christopher Knight Home accent table, it’s sure to become a beloved design piece that gets noticed and complimented time and time again.


Durable iron barrel-shaped table with intricate black lace-cut design
Compact 12.25 x 12.25 inch tabletop and 17.75 inch height
Quality all-metal construction built to last for years
Stylish modern design acts as an artful focal point
Pairs perfectly with seating to hold lamps, books, drinks & more
Looks beautiful indoors and out – from living room to patio
Endless placement possibilities to show off your personal style
With its resilient build, on-trend style, and versatility, this iron accent table is a home accent you’ll treasure for years to come. Let this Christopher Knight Home piece become the beautiful finishing touch your home decor is calling for!


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