Introducing the Ultimate Relaxation Station – The Big Joe Imperial Fufton



Tired of your plain old bean bag chair? Looking for the next level in relaxation and comfort? Search no more! Allow us to introduce the Big Joe Imperial Fufton – bringing together the best aspects of a classic bean bag and a structured sofa for the ultimate lounging experience.

This innovative 5 foot giant is made in the USA and sets itself apart from other bean bags in many ways. While most bean bags go flat overtime, the Imperial Fufton is filled with our patented shredded, plush foam that allows it to retain its shape and comfort forever. The shaped design provides back support you can actually sink into, so you can relax in complete comfort.

The Imperial Fufton’s 100% polyester cover is soft, luxurious plush that you’ll want to curl up in again and again. But it doesn’t just look and feel great, it’s also removable and machine washable for easy care. So go ahead and dig your toes in guilt-free!

Now let’s talk details. Here are all the features that make the Big Joe Imperial Fufton the new must-have in relaxation:


100% soft polyester plush cover is super snuggly and removable for machine washing
Made in the USA with our high-quality patented shredded foam fill
Never goes flat! Foam fill retains shape and comfort forever
Shaped structure provides ergonomic back support for superior relaxation
5 foot giant size allows multiple positions from sitting upright to lying down
Perfect for reading, watching TV, playing video games, doing homework, or just lounging
Smooth surface allows for easy cleaning in case of spills or accidents
Available in stylish black color to match any home decor
Lightweight and portable to easily move room to room as needed
Provides superior comfort over traditional bean bags
Affordable luxury and relaxation compared to bulky sofa furniture
Perfect for kids rooms, dorm rooms, apartments, family rooms, basement hangouts
1 year warranty so you can relax with total peace of mind

Superior Comfort Re-Imagined

The Imperial Fufton takes our amazing shredded Foof fill technology to the next level by expertly blending the borderless comfort of a bean bag with the structure of a sofa. The result is a lounge experience like no other.

The structured back provides ergonomic support so you can sit comfortably upright to read, work on your laptop, or watch TV. But when you feel like stretching out and sinking in, the front allows you to recline and relax fully supported. The smooth surface cradles your body allowing you to find that perfect sweet spot.

Forget uncomfortable wooden chairs or back-aching couches. With the Imperial Fufton you can lounge and relax free of strain or soreness. Our plush polyester cover pampers you in a gentle hug that you’ll never want to leave.

Endless Uses

This 5 foot giant isn’t just for adults! The Big Joe Imperial Fufton is perfect for kids rooms, teenage hangout spaces, dorm rooms, apartments, family rooms, basement lounges, or anywhere else you want a fun and comfortable place to crash.

Use it for reading, gaming, watching movies, doing homework, or just relaxing after a long day. Lightweight and portable, it can be moved anywhere in your home with ease. And unlike bulky sofa furniture, it fits easily through doors and up stairs.

No matter your age or interests, the Imperial Fufton provides the perfect place to kick back and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Total Peace of Mind

The best part? You get 1 full year warranty so you can relax knowing you are covered. Plus with our high standards of quality manufacturing in America and durable materials, this Fufton is built to last a lifetime.

Experience elite relaxation and total comfort with the Big Joe Imperial Fufton today! Add one to your home now and see for yourself why it’s the hottest new lounge sensation. Your only regret will be not getting one sooner!


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