Keep Your Rugs Safe and in Place with BAGAIL’s Extra Thick Non Slip Rug Pad Gripper



Tired of your rugs constantly slipping, sliding, and bunching up? Frustrated by the rugs getting worn out from friction against the floor? Searching for a rug pad that will keep your rugs securely in place while protecting your floors? Look no further than BAGAIL’s Non Slip Rug Pad Gripper!

Specially designed to keep medium to large rugs up to 10′ x 14′ safely in place, this extra thick pad acts as a barrier between your rug and hard floors. The powerful grip technology prevents slippage and sliding, while the dense padding protects your floors from scratches.

Key Features:

Non-Slip Surface: The bottom surface is coated with a powerful grip that keeps your rug firmly in place on hardwood, tile, laminate, and other hard flooring. No more shifting, bunching up, or trip hazards!

Cushioned Padding: Extra thick 0.4 inch padding provides comfort underfoot and protects your floors from scratches, furniture indentations, and damage from heels.

Longer Rug Lifespan: Reduces friction that can wear down your rug prematurely. Minimizes color fading, pattern damage, and threadbare spots.

Ventilated Design: The open grid mesh encourages airflow to prevent moisture buildup under your rug.

Easy Installation: Large size pad comes pre-cut 10′ x 14′. Simply trim with scissors for custom sizes.

Durable & Strong: Made from premium materials to provide long-lasting quality and performance.

Multi-Purpose: Can also be used under furniture, seat cushions, mattresses, drawers, and shelves for grip and protection.

Safety First

Having a rug pad is not just about convenience, it’s also about safety. Unsecured rugs are a serious trip hazard, especially for seniors and small children. Don’t put your family at risk – properly anchor rugs to the floor with a quality gripper pad. BAGAIL’s non slip rug pad keeps rugs firmly in place, preventing dangerous shifting, sliding, and buckling.

Protect Your Investment

A quality rug can be a significant investment. Protect that investment and make it last by reducing friction that can prematurely wear it down. BAGAIL’s dense padding cushions your rug from underneath, preventing damage from normal use. Hard floors are also safeguarded from scratches and dents.

Enhance Comfort & Decor

Give your rugs that plush, luxurious feel underfoot! The extra padding adds comfort and support compared to rugs laid directly on hard surfaces. It also helps rugs lay flat and smooth out wrinkles that can ruin the visual aesthetic. Your rooms will look cleaner and more put together.

Moisture Barrier

The breathable open grid design allows air to circulate beneath the rug, preventing a moist environment where mold and mildew can grow. Moisture protection contributes to the longevity of both your rug and flooring.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping your rug pad clean helps extend its life. BAGAIL’s gripper pad makes maintenance easy. The rug stays put while vacuuming, eliminating shifting around and buckling. Simply trim off any dirty edges as needed.

Premium Quality You Can Trust

BAGAIL uses only first-rate materials to ensure durability, performance, and longevity. Premium felt backing and natural rubber latex allow the pad to withstand years of use without losing gripping power or flattening out. Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Invest in your home with a high quality rug pad that will provide security, protection, comfort and easy maintenance for years to come. Click Add to Cart now to keep your rugs safe and in place with BAGAIL’s non slip rug gripper!


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