Lifelike Eucalyptus Tree in Pot for Home Decor



Bring the refreshing essence of nature into your home or office with the ASTIDY Eucalyptus Tree Artificial. This realistic 5 foot tall faux eucalyptus tree in a pot is the perfect way to add a pop of lush, lively green to any indoor space.

Unlike real eucalyptus trees that only thrive in tropical climates, this artificial eucalyptus tree looks vibrant and healthy in any home or office no matter the season or environment. The highly simulated design features handmade polyester leaves with plastic stems and wires that allow you to adjust the branches and foliage to your desired shape and fullness. It really takes a trained eye to discern that this isn’t a real potted plant.

The delicate teardrop shaped leaves on the bendable stems perfectly mimic the silver dollar eucalyptus variety with variegated coloring in shades of green, blue, gray and silver. It looks so natural you’ll find yourself wanting to reach out and touch the smooth, waxy foliage. The realistic colors add even more authenticity to create a botanically accurate silk eucalyptus tree.

Creating an indoor oasis has never been easier. The potted artificial eucalyptus tree comes with a neutral handwoven basket making it easy to match any decor. The simple vines and natural jute texture complement the organic eucalyptus leaves. The basket also hides the plastic pot and faux soil to maintain the realism.

At 5 feet tall, this faux potted eucalyptus becomes a stunning focal point and vertical accent in any room. Place it in an empty corner that could use some greenery, or display proudly beside your desk, sofa, entryway, beside the TV or anywhere you want to inject a dose of the outdoors. The soothing silvery blue tones are both relaxing and refreshing.

Give your home or office an instant sense of life without any of the maintenance headaches of a real plant. You’ll never have to worry about watering, misting, pruning, fertilizing or dealing with fallen leaves and pests. This worry-free eucalyptus tree will retain its lively, mint condition and bright green hues for years to come.

The sturdy base provided stability so you don’t have to fret about this faux plant tipping over. And there is no need to stress about curious pets or reckless children – this high quality artificial eucalyptus is completely safe and non-toxic. No more messy soil or constantly sweeping up debris. Now you can enjoy the beauty of nature without any of the hassle!

Brighten up your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, office, store, restaurant, hotel lobby…anywhere that could benefit from a refreshing splash of green. The ASTIDY artificial eucalyptus tree in a pot is the perfect low maintenance, hassle-free way to infuse any indoor space with organic life and vibrancy.


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