Make Relaxation a Breeze with the Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair



You want to relax, but ordinary chairs just don’t cut it. Stiff seats and motionless backs offer no real comfort. Enter the Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair, the perfect furniture for unwinding in style. With versatile reclining positions and smooth 360 degree swiveling, this chair delivers luxurious comfort you can’t find anywhere else.

Custom Comfort With 6 Reclining Positions

The Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair isn’t your average stationary armchair. This innovative seat features 6 reclining positions to cradle you in customized comfort and support.

Sit upright for focused activities or lean back to a 115 degree recline for total relaxation. Adjustable positions in between let you fine-tune your angle to alleviate discomfort. Say goodbye to stiff necks and sore tails from poorly designed furniture!

The smooth gliding mechanism makes switching positions effortless. Curl up with a book or stretch out your legs and truly unwind. With 6 variable reclines, you’ll always find the right fit for your needs.

Fluid 360 Degree Swiveling

In addition to reclining, the Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair spins a full 360 degrees on its sturdy base. This free-flowing rotation enables effortless mobility without standing up.

Rotate right or left to grab a drink from the end table, turn to face the television, or smoothly swivel round to chat with friends. The 360 degree swivel offers fun, fluid movement to enhance your experience.

The smooth-gliding swivel mechanism operates silently so you can swivel and spin to your heart’s content. Kick back and enjoy a new level of convenience only a 360 degree swivel chair can provide.

High-Density Cushions For Snug Support

Inside its sleek exterior, the Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair features plush high-density cushions that cradle you in comfort. The backrest and seat use premium sponge material to perfectly balance softness and support.

The high-grade sponge gently contours to your body to alleviate pressure points. Its bounce-back construction retains shape and cushioning even after years of use. Expect unparalleled comfort and longevity from the buymoth’s high-end foam cushions.

Strategically placed cushions provide ergonomic lumbar support to promote healthy spine alignment. Proper support helps reduce discomfort, so you can enjoy hours of relaxation without pesky aches.

Smooth Linen Fabric for Durability

Upholstered in smooth linen fabric, the Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair offers exceptional durability along with comfort. This breathable natural fabric resists tearing, pilling, and everyday wear from regular use.

Linen fabric has a subtle texture that resists stains, making it easy to keep your chair looking new. Enjoy the casual elegance and easy-care quality of linen fabric upholstery.

For added longevity, all seams feature reinforced double stitching that prevents splitting. Expect this cozy chair to retain its flawless look for years of enjoyment.

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Holds Up to 330 Pounds

Beneath the plush exterior, the Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair employs a sturdy powder-coated steel frame designed to support up to 330 pounds.

The heavy-gauge tubular steel provides a solid base that allows smooth gliding from upright to fully reclined positions. With the strong steel frame, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for durability. This chair is built to last.

The frame’s rounded shape and smooth finish prevent snagging on clothing and floors. Enjoy the chair’s strength and stability without the eyesore of bulky exposed metal.

Massage Away Tension

After a stressful day, treat yourself to a soothing massage right from your chair. Strategically placed contours in the Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair’s backrest gently knead and stretch tight muscles.

Tilt back and let the chair’s ergonomic design melt tension away. Customized positions target key areas like your lower back, shoulders, and neck for a therapeutic release right at home. You’ll feel rejuvenated in no time.

Armless Design Accommodates All Body Types

The Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair employs an armless design to provide plenty of space. The absence of confining arms enables you to spread out and get extra cozy. Curl up, recline, and move freely without bumping rigid arms.

The armless style also accommodates larger frames. Get a custom fit tailored to your exact body size rather than squeezing into a one-size-fits-all chair. With open sides, the Buymoth adapts to you.

Compact Profile Fits Any Room

Measuring just 27.5 inches wide x 27 inches deep x 28 inches high, this space-saving chair squeezes into tight spots. The compact footprint allows flexible placement in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dorms, and more.

Don’t have room for a bulky recliner? This streamlined swivel chair fits where others can’t. Its slim profile makes decorating a breeze.

Stash It Away in a Snap

When it’s time to clean or create more space, the Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair folds flat for storage. Unfold anytime for instant relaxation.

The easy fold-and-carry design lets you stash the chair out of sight without straining your back. Weighing only 26 pounds, it transports with ease. Free up floor space or slide it into a closet with the quick-folding mechanism.

Kick Back in Style

Available in two on-trend colors, the Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair elevates any room. The stylish grey linen upholstery works in modern, urban spaces as well as cozy, cottage settings. Or, spice up your decor with the vibrant orange fabric.

Both colors complement a variety of paints and flooring while providing a pop of eye-catching style. Durable linen covers are also removable for easy washing.

Simplify Relaxation & Entertainment

Imagine settling into your Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair after a long day. Lean back to take pressure off your spine, swivel around to watch TV, and feel stress melt away.

With 6 reclining angles, 360 degree motion, and strategically placed cushions, this chair simplifies relaxation. Use it for:

  • Reading novels, magazines, or e-books
  • Lounging with video games, tablets, or phones
  • Meditating, stretching, and yoga
  • Napping, daydreaming, and chilling out
  • Watching movies and television shows
  • Cradling babies, nursing, and rocking
  • Convalescing and recuperating from illness/surgery

The smooth mobility and customized positions reduce discomfort, so you can focus on the moment.

Buy with Confidence

The Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair offers premium comfort and convenience with:

  • 6 reclining positions from upright to fully laid-back
  • Smooth 360 degree silent swiveling
  • Plush high-density foam cushions
  • Durable, easy-clean linen fabric
  • Heavy-duty steel frame tested to 330 pounds
  • Armless design suits all body types
  • Folds flat for storage and portability
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Relax in style and comfort with the versatile Buymoth Swivel Floor Chair. Experience customized reclining positions and effortless mobility for total relaxation.


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