Organize Your Entertainment Center with the Space-Saving BEARUT 3-Tier Floating Shelves



Tired of the tangled mess of wires behind your TV and media consoles? Take back control with the BEARUT floating shelves, the modern solution for organizing AV equipment, game consoles, streaming devices and more!

With 3 generously sized tiers, this wall-mounted rack keeps your devices tidy and accessible. The open shelving design allows cords to run neatly through the back and bottom cutouts, creating an uncluttered look in your living room, bedroom or office.

Maximize Your Space

The 3 tier levels on the BEARUT wall shelves provide ample storage real estate to house all your media components. Each wood shelf measures 16.1” X 16.1”, giving you a total stacked height of 16.5”.

On the top level, you can position your cable box, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire or other streaming device. The middle shelf is the perfect spot for your Blu-ray player, Xbox, PlayStation or Wii. On the bottom, store your modem, router, external hard drives and other accessories.

With a weight capacity of 22 lbs per shelf, the sturdy shelves can easily handle the heft of your electronics. The open design allows heat-generating devices like gaming consoles and receivers to ventilate properly.

Conceal the Clutter

No more staring at a tangled wire mess behind your TV or media console. The BEARUT shelf has cutouts on the back panel and bottom to thread cords through for a streamlined look.

Hide that unsightly surge protector strip and the mess of plugs on the backside or underside of the rack. With cables out of sight, you can fully appreciate your minimalist, modern entertainment center.

Sturdy Natural Wood Construction

Built from premium natural wood, the floating shelves add a touch of rustic charm to your living space. The handsome wood grain and finish complements both traditional and modern decors.

The natural wood is also environmentally friendly compared to shelves made of particle board or cheap plastics that can warp and wear easily. The quality lumber is sturdy enough to hold a full load of your electronics.

Metal mounting hardware and braces firmly secure each shelf to the wall, keeping your valuable devices safe. Follow the included template and easy instructions to properly install the anchors into your wall studs for a rock-solid floating shelf that won’t wobble or sag.

Simple DIY Assembly

Putting together the wall-mounted media rack is a quick and painless process. It ships unassembled, but can be completely constructed in less than 30 minutes using the included screws, metal braces and protective caps.

Just secure the side braces and shelf standards using a Phillips head screwdriver. The vertical supports connect each shelf for a seamless, integrated 3 tier storage unit. Add the finishing caps over the brace joints for a clean, flush appearance.

Take Control of Your Media Storage

Free up space and get rid of media console clutter with the BEARUT floating shelves. With 3 generously sized and sturdy wooden tiers, you can neatly organize all your entertainment components for a streamlined, modern setup.

Conceal the wire mess to appreciate your minimalist living room or home theater. Built from quality natural wood that looks great and withstands heavy electronics. Easy DIY assembly – just screw in the shelves and brackets.

Don’t settle for a tangled mess of AV equipment and cables. Get the versatile, wall-mounted media storage you need with the BEARUT floating shelves!

Product Features:

  • Concealed Wire Management: Keep cords neatly tucked away with back panel cutouts and bottom shelf wire access
  • 3 Generous Shelves: Top shelf 16.1″ x 16.1″, Middle Shelf 16.1″ x 16.1″, Bottom Shelf 16.1″ x 9.8″
  • 22 lb Weight Capacity: Sturdy natural wood construction supports TV streaming boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and more
  • Minimalist Design: Open wood shelving complements modern décors and allows devices to ventilate
  • Easy DIY Assembly: Includes premium metal side brackets, supports, screws, and caps for quick tool-free assembly
  • Natural Materials: Crafted from high-grade natural wood with attractive grain

Reasons to Choose the BEARUT Wall-Mounted Media Shelves

De-Clutter Your Entertainment Center

No more staring at a disorganized mess of devices, wires and cords! The open shelving keeps components neatly stacked and accessible while hiding wires in the back and bottom.

Maximize Your Living Space

Get media storage off the floor and save space with wall-mounted shelves. The 3-tier floating design saves floor area and looks great mounted over TV stands.

Ventilate Your Devices

Unlike closed cabinets, the open shelves allow proper airflow to receivers, consoles, and other electronics that produce heat. Prevent overheating failures.

Strong and Durable Build

Made from quality natural wood instead of particle board or plastics that easily warp. Holds up to 22 lbs securely on each generously sized shelf.

Simplifies Your Decor

The clean, minimalist floating shelves complement modern aesthetics. Concealed cables prevent messy clutter.

Quick and Easy to Install

Assemble in minutes with included hardware. Pre-drilled shelves just screw into the sturdy side brackets mounted to your wall studs.

Who Can Benefit from the BEARUT Wall-Mounted Media Shelves?

  • Owners of home theaters or media rooms
  • Gamers with consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, Switch
  • Cord cutters with streaming devices, Blu-ray players
  • Audiophiles with AV receivers, turntables
  • Anyone wanting an organized, uncluttered entertainment center

With its space-saving wall-mounted design and capacity to organize modern media components, the BEARUT floating shelves are ideal for contemporary living rooms, gaming dens, and other tech-filled spaces.

This hassle-free storage solution helps tame your home theater wiring while neatly displaying your electronics in a minimalist way. Maximize your room’s potential and de-stress your media center with these must-have multi-tier shelves!


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