Organize Your Shoe Collection with the Calmootey 9 Tier Adjustable Shoe Rack



Tired of tripping over piles of shoes by the front door? Frustrated with having to dig through a jumbled mess in the closet to find the pair you want? Bring order to the chaos with the Calmootey 9 Tier Shoe Rack Organizer. With space for up to 27 pairs of shoes, this closet storage solution will keep your footwear neat, tidy and easy to find.

Spacious Storage for All Your Shoes

The Calmootey shoe organizer measures 23.62″ long x 11.81″ wide x 62.99” high, providing ample storage space for everything from flats and sandals to boots and heels. The 9 tiers allow you to neatly arrange your shoes so you can see them at a glance. No more wasting time searching for your favorite pair!

Each shelf is crafted from sturdy metal that can hold up to 15 pounds. So you don’t have to worry about the rack buckling under the weight of heavy boots and wedges. The open frame design allows air to circulate, helping shoes dry out from damp weather.

Adjustable Design Grows With Your Collection

While the Calmootey shoe organizer comes ready to hold 27 pairs right out of the box, the adjustable tiers allow you to customize the layout to suit your needs. Remove shelves to accommodate tall boots, or stack the shelves closer together to store flats and sandals.

As your shoe collection expands, add additional units to double or even triple your storage capacity. The neutral black color blends seamlessly if you decide to install multiple organizers side by side.

Protect Your Shoes from Dust and Damage

Nobody wants their favorite shoes covered in dust or scuffed up when on display. The Calmootey shoe rack comes complete with a full-length fabric cover to keep your footwear looking pristine.

The non-woven polyester material protects against dust and debris that can dirty and deteriorate leather and fabrics over time. Two rows of zippers allow you to enclose the entire unit or access specific shelves whenever you need to.

When closed, the cover gives the shoe organizer a clean, sleek look perfect for any closet or entryway. Keep the draped fabric parted to showcase your most eye-catching pairs.

Effortless Assembly Right Out of the Box

Arranging your shoes in an organized fashion doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The Calmootey shoe rack ships ready to assemble right out of the box.

All the required parts and hardware are included along with straightforward instructions. Simply screw the rectangular side frames onto the shelf posts, then attach the shelves at your desired heights. The Whole assembly takes less than 30 minutes and requires no special tools.

Once fully constructed, the shoe organizer is completely freestanding. The wide, rectangular base provides a sturdy foundation that prevents tipping even when loaded with heavy shoes. If you ever need to move the unit to a new location, the assembly comes apart just as easily.

Bring Order to Your Footwear Collection

If keeping dozens of shoes organized without taking up too much space seems impossible, the Calmootey 9 Tier Shoe Rack Organizer is here to help. With adjustable shelves, a protective cover, and easy DIY assembly, this storage solution has everything you need to keep your entryway, closet, or bedroom neat and tidy.

Stop wasting time hunting for shoes and start enjoying the convenience of having your footwear collection readily accessible. Bring home the Calmootey organizer to enjoy clean, clutter-free floors at last!

Main Features:

  • 9 adjustable shelves hold up to 27 pairs of shoes
  • Sturdy metal frame with nonwoven fabric cover prevents dust and scuffs
  • Open design allows ventilation to prevent odors
  • Customize shelf heights to fit boots, heels and more
  • Assembly required with included tools and instructions


  • Dimensions: 23.62”L x 11.81”W x 62.99”H
  • Shelf Dimensions: 23.23”L x 11.02”W
  • Weight Capacity Per Shelf: 15 pounds
  • Material: Powder coated steel frame, nonwoven polyester cover
  • Color: Black

Bring organization and accessibility to your growing shoe collection with the Calmootey 9 Tier Shoe Rack Organizer. Order today and enjoy tidier home in no time!


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