Preserve Your Precious Vinyl Collection with BIG FUDGE Premium Outer and Inner Sleeves



As a passionate vinyl collector, you know that proper storage is crucial for protecting your records and maintaining superior sound quality over decades of playing. Introducing the BIG FUDGE Vinyl Storage Bundle – the ultimate sleeve combination for preserving your precious vinyl collection.

This bundle includes 25 high-density polypropylene 12″ outer sleeves to protect your album covers, plus 25 archival rice paper inner sleeves to protect your vinyl records. With their durable construction and static-reducing properties, these archival-grade sleeves defend against damage, dust, and warping. Treat your vinyl to the gold standard of protection so you can enjoy crisp, crackle-free audio for years to come.

Shield Vulnerable Album Covers with Tough Outer Sleeves

Exposed album covers are susceptible to ringwear, seam splits, shelfwear, and other signs of aging. Shield them from harm with BIG FUDGE outer sleeves made of crystal clear, high-density polypropylene plastic. This durable material boasts an impressive mix of strength, chemical resistance, and moisture protection.

Sliding your records in and out of sleeves places stress on the album cover. Polypropylene stands up to this friction with its high flexural strength. As you gently remove records for playtime, these outer sleeves prevent splits along the album spine.

When not spinning on the turntable, records sit idle on shelves. Vinyl outer sleeves guard your album art against dust, spills, and dampness in the storage environment. Polypropylene repels liquid while preventing particle buildup. This keeps your records in pristine condition as part of a displayed collection.

Reduce Surface Noise with Anti-Static Inner Sleeves

Vinyl’s analog warmth comes from the pops, clicks, and crackles engraved in the grooves. Extraneous surface noise, however, detracts from the listening experience. It often comes from static buildup attracting debris to the vinyl surface.

BIG FUDGE inner sleeves deploy advanced static-reducing technology to repel dust and lint. An anti-static layer of polyethylene film prevents friction inside the sleeve, while the archival rice paper gently cradles your vinyl. This lets you enjoy the intended sonic character of your records, not distracting artifacts.

Anti-static inner sleeves prevent static cling from pulling debris directly onto your vinyl. When paired with polypropylene outer sleeves, the BIG FUDGE Vinyl Storage Bundle forms a full dust barrier to keep records contaminant-free. Simply slide records in and out of these sleeves to keep surfaces scratch-free and sounding clear.

Custom Fit for All 12″ Vinyl Records

This essential vinyl accessory bundle is specially designed for full compatibility with your collection. BIG FUDGE outer sleeves measure 12.75″ x 12.75″ to comfortably accommodate 12″ vinyl records and standard LP jackets.

Unlike plastic bags, these polypropylene sleeves are sized for a perfect fit. This prevents excess room that allows records to shift and slide during storage and handling. Forget makeshift plastic wraps – these sleeves keep your treasured LPs snugly in place.

Slip an outer sleeve over the jacket, then slide the record and inner sleeve into place. With this ideal fit, the BIG FUDGE Bundle streamlines vinyl care for flawless results and satisfaction.

Preserve Your Memories and Passion for Generations

Your record collection represents a musical journey and connection to cherished memories. Preserve your most prized possessions with archival-grade storage solutions. With proper care, your vinyl can potentially outlive you and be passed down for generations.

The BIG FUDGE Vinyl Storage Bundle guards your records against environmental and physical threats. Make this set part of your routine after enjoying an album so it’s ready to replay mint condition.

If our outer and inner sleeves ever fail to meet your expectations, please contact us. We stand behind our products with a money-back guarantee and helpful customer service. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Add BIG FUDGE premium sleeves to your vinyl care toolkit and safeguard your collection’s future. With this bundle, you can confidently store, handle, and play records while retaining their pristine quality. Click Add to Cart now to prevent wear and extend your vinyl’s lifespan!


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