Protect Your Cabinets from Daily Wear with Slim, Low-Profile Edge Guards



Tired of unsightly nicks, scratches and discoloration marring the pristine finish of your kitchen cabinets? Look no further than our Cabinet Hero Slimline slip-on door and drawer front edge protectors. Specially designed to guard cabinet edges from daily impact damage, these innovative guards instantly restore your kitchen’s polished appearance.

Thin Edge Protectors Designed for Tight-Fitting Cabinet Styles

Measuring just 3⁄4” thick, our slim edge guards are tailored to flawlessly fit popular tight-closure cabinet types like face frame, Euro and inset cabinets. Four individual 18” trim-to-fit black plastic guards are included in each pack, providing plenty of coverage for multiple doors and drawers.

Guard Against Nicks, Gouges, Discoloration and More

Over time, cabinet edges succumb to an array of unsightly damage from daily use. Bush against edges while cooking or cleaning, and you’ll soon notice ugly chips, scratches and peeling. Drips and spills can stain or discolor surfaces. Even opening and closing doors repeatedly can wear down edges over time. Our slimline edge protectors shield vulnerable cabinet edges to keep doors and drawers looking pristine.

Discreet Low-Profile Design Maintains Your Kitchen’s Sleek Look

Don’t settle for bulky, unattractive edge guards that detract from your kitchen’s stylish aesthetic. Our slimline edge protectors feature an ultra-discreet thin design that seamlessly blends with your existing décor. Barely noticeable once installed, the edge guards maintain the sophisticated, polished look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

No Adhesive Needed – Just Slip On and Slip Off When Needed

Avoid the hassle and mess of glue or adhesive. Our innovative edge protectors simply slip onto cabinet door and drawer edges for quick, easy installation. The flexible yet snug fit ensures the guards stay securely in place without adhesive. To reveal your cabinet’s flawless finish for guests or listing photos, just slip the edge guards off again with ease.

Trim to Fit – One Size Fits Most Cabinet Door/Drawer Thicknesses

Each edge protector measures 18 inches long out of the package, providing ample coverage for most standard cabinet doors and drawers. Easily trim the protectors shorter as needed to flawlessly fit smaller doors using just scissors or a utility knife. The 3⁄4” thickness is precision-engineered for most modern cabinet edge thicknesses.

Sleek, Durable Black Color Blends into Any Kitchen

The rich black color and smooth finish ensures our edge protectors effortlessly match any existing cabinetry or kitchen décor. The durable plastic construction withstands scrapes and scuffs that would mar wood or laminate cabinet edges. Continue enjoying your kitchen’s cohesive, stylish look without unsightly damage.

Proudly Made in the USA

Produced domestically in our USA-based manufacturing facility, you can trust our edge protectors to deliver lasting quality and durability. We oversee every step of the design and production process to ensure our edge guards meet our strict standards for performance and longevity.

Veteran-Owned Small Business

We are proud to be a veteran-owned and operated small business. Our mission is to deliver innovative, problem-solving products like our unique cabinet edge protectors to help make daily life a little easier. Your purchase powers future product development and supports American manufacturing.

Order with Confidence Today

Refresh your kitchen’s look while protecting your investment from daily wear and tear. Our Cabinet Hero Slimline edge protectors are the simple solution for concealing existing damage and preventing new nicks, scratches, discoloration and more. Click Add to Cart now to keep your cabinets looking stunning for years to come. We stand behind our edge guards with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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