Protect Your Priceless DVD Collection with CCidea’s Premium Quality PVC Storage Bags (Set of 2)



Tired of rummaging through piles of disorganized DVDs trying to find the one movie you want to watch? Do your DVDs end up getting scratched, damaged, or lost because they’re not properly stored? Then it’s time to get the CCidea DVD Storage Bags – the perfect solution for organizing and protecting your entire DVD collection!

These innovative storage bags are specially designed to keep your DVDs safe from any harm. Crafted from thick, durable PVC plastic, they are built to last. The transparent material also makes it easy to identify exactly which DVD is inside without having to open the bag. Plus, the sturdy sewn-in handles allow for easy transport anywhere in your home.

Each storage bag can hold a whopping 30-40 DVDs or Blu-ray discs, keeping everything neatly stored in one place. No more hunting around in a messy pile only to find the case cracked or the disc too scratched to play! The zippered top securely contains your DVDs inside, while the flat bottom keeps the bag upright for quick access.

These multi-functional bags are great for more than just DVDs too. Use them to organize and protect video games, VHS tapes, CDs, photo albums, books, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!


  • Set of 2 large PVC storage bags with handles – each bags holds 30-40 DVD/Blu-ray cases
  • Durable transparent PVC plastic protects against scratches, dust, dirt, and moisture
  • Reinforced side handles for easy carrying and transportation
  • Zippered top keeps contents securely inside and allows quick access
  • Flat bottom allows bag to stand upright for display
  • Water resistant to prevent damage from spills and humidity
  • Dimensions: 23.5”L x 8”W x 6”H


  • Protect Your Collection – Keep DVDs/Blu-rays safe from scratches, cracks, dust, dirt, debris, spills, and moisture damage
  • Organized Storage – Each bag holds up to 40 DVD/Blu-ray cases neatly together in one place
  • Find Movies Instantly – See cover art through transparent plastic to identify movies in seconds
  • Portable Carrying – Integrated handles make it easy to transport and relocate your DVD collection
  • Stackable & Standup Design – Flat bottom allows bags to stand upright and stack for compact storage
  • Multipurpose Use – Also great for video games, CDs, books, photos, stuff animals, and more!
  • Long Lasting Quality – Durable PVC construction built to withstand frequent use

Give your DVD collection the protection and organization it deserves with the CCidea DVD Storage Bags. The thick transparent PVC plastic shields your precious DVDs from damage while allowing you to instantly identify what’s inside. No more sorting through a giant pile or letting your discs get scratched to bits!

The reinforced handles make it easy to take your DVD collection anywhere in the house or transport to a friend’s place for movie night. Plus, the ability to neatly store up to 40 DVD/Blu-ray cases in each bag helps conquer clutter and keep everything accessible.

Stay organized and keep your collection looking pristine for years to come with these durable and high-quality DVD storage bags! Order the 2 pack set today and take control of your DVD library once and for all. Your discs will thank you.


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