Protect Your Valuable Media Collection with Pacific Mailer CD Sleeves.



Your media collection represents years of curation, memories, and irreplaceable content. Don’t leave your cherished CDs, DVDs, and BluRays vulnerable to dust, scratches, and damage. Pacific Mailer CD Sleeves provide a protective barrier to keep your discs in flawless condition for years to come.

The slim and lightweight paper construction allows you to store hundreds of CDs in a compact space, perfect for tidying up cluttered media cabinets or shelves. The lightweight nature also makes Pacific Mailer CD Sleeves ideal for portable storage and transportation. Toss a sleeve full of your favorite CDs in a backpack or glove compartment for tunes on the go.

Pacific Mailer engineered these CD envelopes as an eco-friendly and cost-effective storage solution. The recyclable paper build minimizes waste compared to plastic cases. And at only pennies per sleeve, you can protect your entire media library without breaking the bank.

But protection and portability shouldn’t mean difficult access. The clear window lets you identify contents at a glance. And the open top allows you to quickly flip through and retrieve your CDs and DVDs. No more fussing with latches and hinges.

Give your media collection the protection it deserves. Pick up a pack of Pacific Mailer CD Sleeves and breathe easy knowing your discs stay dust-free and damage-free for years of playback.


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