Refresh Your Shower with the Backnets Solid Brass Handheld Shower Head!



Introducing the luxurious new handheld shower head from Backnets that will revolutionize your shower experience. Crafted entirely from solid brass, this elegantly designed shower head provides a superior clean from its anti-clogging silicone jets while the adjustable shower arm allows you to direct the water flow exactly where you want it.

With its durable all-brass construction, this shower wand is built to last. The brushed matte black finish gives it a modern, sophisticated look that will complement any contemporary bathroom décor. Engineered to resist corrosion, rust, tarnishing and mineral build-up, this shower head is made to maintain its pristine condition for years of enjoyable showering.

Thrive Under the Soothing Flood of High-Pressure Water

Featuring 60 anti-clogging silicone jets, the Backnets handheld shower head delivers a powerful spray pattern that feels like a luxurious waterfall. The easy-to-clean silicone nozzles prevent mineral buildup so you can enjoy invigorating, high-pressure water flow consistently.

Customize Your Shower with Adjustable Water Settings

Not only does this shower wand deliver refreshing high-pressure streams, but you can also adjust the water flow to gentle spray, saturating flood or targeted massage settings. Choose the perfect stream to suit your mood and needs whether you want to relax under a light mist, soak your sore muscles, or need to rinse shampoo thoroughly from your hair.

Universal Connections Fit Most Showers

This shower head comes with standard 1/2-inch NPT pipe threading on the brass shower arm that allows for universal connectivity. It easily attaches to any existing shower pipe or can be installed onto new shower fixtures. An included 59-inch stainless steel and brass shower hose connects the shower head to the arm for flexible handheld use.

Multi-Angle Adjustable Holder for Targeted Cleaning

A unique advantage of the Backnets shower head is the multi-angle adjustable holder. The holder rotates a full 360 degrees and tilts up and down to allow you to direct the water flow exactly where you want it. Easily access hard-to-reach areas and target the water stream for washing pets, cleaning the shower, or rinsing children’s hair.

Durable Construction for Lifelong Use

The exceptional longevity of this shower head comes from its solid brass construction. The external 59-inch hose is crafted from rust-resistant 304 stainless steel while the inner tubing is flexible, non-toxic EPDM material. All connections feature solid brass or copper fittings. The all-metal design prevents leaks, cracks and breaks.

Stylish Addition to Any Bathroom

With its matte black finish and arched design, this hand shower brings elegance to your bathroom. The aesthetic complements modern decor from industrial to minimalist. Enjoy a spa-like experience every time you shower with the rain-like water flow.

Experience the Backnets Difference

Backnets provides conscientious customer service and lifetime support for all their thoughtfully designed products. This handheld shower head is backed by a satisfaction guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty.

Give your bathroom an upgrade with the Backnets solid brass hand shower. Discover what a difference a high-quality shower head makes when you feel the invigorating sensation of water washing over you. Order the Backnets handheld shower head today to elevate your daily shower!


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