Retro Charm Meets Modern Function in the BEW 18″ European Style Wall Clock



Introducing the BEW 18″ Metal Modern European Arabic Wall Clock – a beautifully rustic timepiece that will add an elegant touch of vintage charm to any space. With an distressed metal frame and easy-to-read open faced dial, this clock allows you to make a stylish statement while enjoying the reliable performance of precise quartz movement.

Style That Stands the Test of Time

Inspired by traditional European clocks of yesteryear, the BEW wall clock brings together retro design with today’s modern sensibilities. The gently distressed metal frame features an antiqued silver finish that pairs perfectly with vintage, industrial, farmhouse or urban décor styles.

The open face dial shows off stylized, large Arabic numerals, evoking the clocks that once kept time in train stations, offices and homes across Europe. The minimalist black hands contrast nicely with the off-white clock face, ensuring legibility while complementing any color palette.

At 18 inches in diameter, this battery operated wall clock makes its mark without overwhelming delicate wall hangings or decor. The modest proportions still allow ample space for displaying the clock’s focal details. Hang this timeless beauty in entryways, above mantles, or any prominent wall space indoors or outside under a covered patio or front porch.

Whisper-Quiet Precision

The BEW Clock provides silent, dependable timekeeping thanks to quality quartz movement. The smooth second hand sweeps across the seconds dial with fluid precision powered by one AA battery.

Best of all, the quartz mechanism operates without loud ticking sounds, making it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, studies or any place where maintaining peace and quiet is a priority. The quiet operation also won’t distract you during important work calls or disrupt your concentration.

Set It & Forget It With AA Battery Convenience

With battery-powered convenience, keeping your BEW wall clock running is hassle-free. It comes ready to run with one AA carbon zinc battery already installed. These widely available batteries deliver over a year of continuous operation before needing replacement. No electrical outlet required!

The modern quartz movement is engineered for durability, so you can enjoy reliable, accurate timekeeping year after year. The clock keeps ticking even if moved to a new wall, taken outside and brought back in, or relocated to new rooms as your décor evolves.

Built to Last from Quality Materials

With longevity in mind, BEW constructed the clock frame from sturdy metal with weatherproof properties for enjoyment indoors and out. Rounded corners and smooth beveled edges add understated elegance.

The antiqued silver finish incorporates natural variations in tone to achieve an authentic aged appearance without looking artificial or too uniform. Subtle signs of wear send the message that this clock was meant to stand the test of time in your home.

Superior Workmanship Backed by Our Promise

BEW proudly stands behind the artistry and workmanship invested into our modern heirloom clocks. We use premium materials and expert techniques honed over decades of clock-making experience. Your satisfaction with the impeccable quality and lasting durability is our top priority.

That’s why your new BEW 18” European Wall Clock comes backed by our exclusive lifetime guarantee. We’ll repair or replace your clock free of charge if ever it fails to operate properly within your lifetime. No bells, whistles, or caveats – just a straightforward warranty you can rely on.

We can’t wait for you to experience the unmatched blend of nostalgic charm and precision timekeeping only the BEW 18” Metal Arabic Wall Clock can deliver. Let this stylish focal piece keep time in your home for years to come!


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