Revive Your Bean Bag with Big Joe’s Super Soft and Long Lasting Polystyrene Bean Refill



Tired of sitting in a flat, saggy bean bag chair? Bring your bean bag back to life with Big Joe’s Polystyrene Bean Refill. This two pack of 100 liter bags contains premium polystyrene beans that are longer-lasting and softer than cheaper alternatives. Just cut open the dotted line on each bag and pour the super soft beans into your sad, deflated chair to quickly plump it up and restore it to its original comfort and support.

Unlike lower quality bean bag filler, Big Joe’s polystyrene beans retain their shape and cushioning ability far longer. The fluffy virgin beans comfortably conform to your body without packing down and going flat like other materials. This means your bean bag chair stays fuller and comfier for years of everyday lounging and relaxation.

The recyclable polystyrene used in Big Joe bean bags is manufactured under strict quality control measures to ensure uniform size, softness, and durability. Each individual bean has a smooth, rounded shape that allows it to flow easily as you shift positions in your chair. The beans also have an anti-static coating that prevents them from sticking together and clumping up over time.

Big Joe bean bags stand out from the competition due to their superior construction. While most bean bag brands try to cut costs by using cheaper filler materials, Big Joe insists on premium polystyrene beans. Here are some key advantages that make Big Joe the best choice for your bean bag chair:

Super Soft

The virgin polystyrene beans have a marshmallow-like softness and squishiness that cushions your body gently without compression.

Long Lasting

The smooth shape and anti-static coating prevent the beans from breaking down as quickly as other fillers.

Easy to Use

Just snip the dotted line on the bag, then pour the beans into your chair. No mess or hassle.


Use these high-quality polystyrene beans for craft projects, packing material, and more.

Made in the USA

Produced domestically in our Michigan facility under strict quality control.


Our smart designs and premium materials ensure your bean bag will last for years.


All Big Joe products are backed by our simple 1-year warranty.


The beans are made from 100% recyclable polystyrene.

With proper care, your Big Joe bean bag chair may never need refilling. But all bean bags lose shape and support eventually. Instead of buying a whole new chair, you can restore the comfort of your existing bean bag quickly and affordably. This bean refill from Big Joe is all you need to re-fluff and revitalize a flat, sagging bag. Just open the bags, pour in the beans, and watch your sad sack transform before your eyes.

Big Joe offers polystyrene bean refill bags in a variety of sizes to match all of our bean bag chairs and other furniture. Whether you have a Big Joe XL, Big Joe Dorm, Big Joe Roma, Ace Bayou X-Large, or other popular bean bag model, we have a perfectly sized bean refill bag to restore it. Check the product listings to find the matching bean refill for your specific chair.

If you aren’t sure how much filler to buy, a good rule of thumb is about 1 refill bag for every 2 feet of chair length. So a 4-foot bean bag would need approximately 2 x 100L refill bags. Large models like the Big Joe XXL might require 6 or more 100L bags. For giant 8-foot and longer bean bags, the 200L refill bags are a better value.

Bring back the joy of relaxing in your favorite bean bag chair with a quick refill from Big Joe. Dumping in fresh polystyrene beans will make your chair feel full, soft, and comfortable again. No need to keep sitting in a lump of fabric full of packing peanuts or memory foam scraps. Treat yourself to the premium polystyrene bean filling your bean bag deserves.


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