Safeguard Your Vinyl Collection: Boundless Premium Outer Record Sleeves (50-Pack)



Your vinyl records deserve the best protection to keep their sound and artwork pristine. Introducing the Boundless Premium Outer Record Sleeves – the crystal clear 12.75″ x 12.75″ sleeves made from high-density 2.5 mil thick archival-grade polypropylene to actively shield your albums from damage.

Unlike flimsy or cloudy sleeves, ours are perfectly sized to fit all 12-inch LPs and most gatefolds without adding bulk. The single seam design prevents splitting so your records only need sleeving once. No more replacing torn or warped outer sleeves!

Give your vinyl the museum-grade preservation it deserves. Our sleeves are completely transparent to showcase cover art while keeping moisture, dust, and grime away. Experience richer audio clarity as your vinyl glides smoothly in and out of protective soft-lined inner sleeves.

Whether you’re a beginner collector or lifelong audiophile, these acid-free outer sleeves make the perfect gift. Share the joy of music with family and friends by protecting cherished records for generations to come. Bring your vinyl into the modern age with durable high-quality sleeves tailored specifically for 12-inch records and albums.

Order with confidence today and keep your vinyl in immaculate condition for years to come! We guarantee you’ll love how our premium outer sleeves maintain the vibrancy of your collection or your money back.


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