Showcase Your Vinyl Collection with Ultimate Protection



Preserve your cherished vinyl records for a lifetime with the crystal clear record sleeves from Big Fudge. With maximum transparency to perfectly display each album cover, these outer sleeves are crafted from high-density polypropylene for unbeatable protection against dust, scratches and wear. Give your vinyl collection the care it deserves.

Flawless Transparency to Exhibit Album Artwork

Unlike vinyl sleeves made from cloudy polyethylene, Big Fudge sleeves are optically clear to showcase your record covers in all their glory. The high-density polypropylene material ensures zero distortion, yellowing or clouding over time. Your album artwork will look as vibrant behind these sleeves as the day you bought it.

Shield Against Dust, Scratches and Fingerprints

Keep your vinyl safeguarded from anything that could damage its pristine condition. The 3 mil thick material blocks dust from settling into the grooves and causing pops or crackles. It also prevents scuffs, scratches and fingerprints from marring the playing surface. With maximum strength and durability, these protective outer sleeves will preserve your records for years of listening enjoyment.

Fits Most Vinyl Records and Gatefolds

Measuring 12.75 x 12.75 inches, these crystal clear sleeves are designed to fit any standard single or full length LP record. The sleeves accommodate most gatefold covers too, with just enough room for double albums to easily slide in and out without binding. Keep your entire vinyl collection protected in sleeves specifically sized to properly fit a wide range of record types.

Superior Polypropylene Material for Vinyl Longevity

Polypropylene was chosen for its optimal properties to keep vinyl in flawless condition. This BPA-free plastic has extremely high flexural strength to withstand being slid in and out of shelves without cracking. It also provides excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals so your records stay dry and inert. Polypropylene is perfect for vinyl protection due to its high-impact durability and resistance to clouding over time.

Preserve Your Cherished Vinyl Collection

Your vinyl deserves the very best protection to maintain its condition and value. With Big Fudge record sleeves, you can safely exhibit album covers without exposing them to damage-causing contaminants. Keep your records playing like new for years to come!

Protect Your Vinyl Investment with Premium Sleeves

Vinyl records represent a meaningful investment for any music lover. Keep your collection protected with archival quality outer sleeves tailored specifically for LPs. Big Fudge delivers ultimate vinyl preservation in optically clear, high-density polypropylene sleeves.

Display Album Artwork in Pristine Condition

Show off your album covers and labels without exposing them to harm. These crystal clear sleeves allow maximum visibility of artwork while blocking contaminants that could degrade the vinyl within. Keep your records and jackets in the condition you want them preserved.

Resists Splitting, Cracking and Yellowing

Ordinary paper and polyethylene sleeves easily split at the seams, crack under pressure and yellow over time. Our premium polypropylene sleeves withstand repeated handling without failing or distorting. The durable 3 mil plastic retains its perfectly transparent clarity to showcase albums stored within.

BPA-Free Archival Plastic for Safety

You’ll have confidence storing your vinyl in our archival-grade sleeves made from BPA-free polypropylene. This inert plastic meets preservation standards and contains none of the potentially harmful chemicals found in lower-grade plastics. Give your records the safe packaging they deserve.

Standard LP Size with Room for Gatefolds

Fit any 12 or 10 inch record in these spacious 12.75 x 12.75 inch sleeves knowing they accommodate larger gatefolds too. The vinyl easily slides in and out of the protective outer barrier thanks to the perfectly sized dimensions. Never struggle to insert albums again.

Prevent Groove Damage and Sound Distortion

Dust settling into the delicate record grooves is the enemy of vinyl fidelity. Keep your albums pristine with sleeves that seal out contaminants trying to work their way in. Guard your investment and enjoy your vinyl sounding its absolute best.

Crystal Clear Vinyl Sleeves

Show off your album art while keeping your vinyl records safe from damage. These transparent outer sleeves are made from durable polypropylene plastic for long lasting protection and visibility.

Flawless Optical Clarity

The high-density polypropylene material ensures distortion-free transparency so your album covers are seen in their full glory. Vinyl protected in our sleeves stays free of dust, fingerprints and scratches.

Resistant to Cracking and Yellowing

Our vinyl outer sleeves retain their crystal clear transparency over years of use. Made from archival-grade polypropylene plastic, they resist cracking, splitting at the seams or clouding from plastic degradation.

Shield Against Contaminants

Keep your vinyl pristine by blocking contaminants that could settle into the grooves and degrade sound quality. Our sleeves prevent dust buildup and scuffing of the playing surface.

Safely Store Entire Collections

Standard 12 x 12 inch size with 3 mil thickness fits most vinyl records and gatefold covers. These protective sleeves help organize, exhibit and preserve entire music collections.

Archival-Grade BPA-Free Plastic

You can have confidence storing precious vinyl in our sleeves made from inert, BPA-free polypropylene plastic. This archival-grade material protects without risk of chemical leaching.

Retain Value and Enjoyment

Keep your vinyl collection sounding and looking pristine for years of listening enjoyment. Protect your investment with optically clear sleeves made for vinyl longevity.


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