Sleek Modern Minimalist Beveled Wall Mirror



Make a stylish decor statement and illuminate any living space with this sleek and sophisticated modern wall mirror. With its clean, minimalist design, this framed mirror effortlessly complements contemporary home decor.

Measuring 35.4-inches tall by 36.6-inches wide, this versatile wall mirror is well-sized to accent your bedroom, bathroom, entryway, or living room. The rectangular mirror shape flatters most spaces, reflecting light to make any room look more open and inviting.

Framed in a 0.9-inch thick matte black metal that is lightweight yet durable, this minimalist wall mirror has a hint of industrial edge. The matte black finish resists smudges and fingerprints so it stays looking clean and crisp. Subtle beveled edges on the mirror glass add dimension and visual interest.

Four integrated D-ring hangers on the back make mounting quick and easy. This wall mirror can be installed vertically or horizontally using anchors appropriate for your wall type (anchors not included). Hang it above a console table, dresser, mantel, or sofa for a decorative focal point that emphasizes the beautiful architecture and furnishings in your home.

With its adaptable sizing and transitional style, this framed beveled mirror can complement furniture and decor ranging from traditional to contemporary. The versatile rectangular shape ensures it will enhance any room you place it in. Use it alone as a dramatic statement piece or group it with other wall art and decor.

The minimalist black frame puts all the focus on the mirror itself, giving an open and airy feel. Generously sized at over 3-feet wide, the reflective glass bounces ample natural light around the room to make small spaces appear larger. Illuminate darker corners of a room by angling the mirror to strategically direct light.

Accentuate the clean sightlines in your modern farmhouse, industrial loft, or condo with this chic yet understated wall mirror. Sophisticated with just a touch of edge, the matte black finish exudes contemporary style. For modern glam, pair this framed mirror with rounded mid-century inspired furniture, lucite accents, and abstract art prints. Or allow the clean black frame to complement natural wood furniture and a neutral color palette.

This versatile wall hanging mirror flatters all decorating aesthetics from classic to eclectic. Use it to enhance a bold and moody living room designed in dark hues, or let it brighten up a soft and feminine bedroom. The simple frame embraces any color scheme from vibrant to neutral. Design a gallery wall with this mirror as the stunning centerpiece. The generous reflective surface amplifies the visual impact of the entire display.

Display this rectangular beveled mirror in an entryway or hallway to give guests a preview of your home’s chic style. The sleek black frame and ample reflective surface make a striking impression. Place it behind a console table decorated with pendant lighting and a vase of flowers for dramatic effect. Use it alongside other black framed artwork for a cohesive look. The clean-lined silhouette works beautifully in long narrow spaces.

In the bedroom, make a bold decorative statement by mounting two of these mirrors side-by-side above a dresser or headboard. The duplicating effect reflects light to make the space appear twice as large. Let the mirrors frame a beautiful bedding display. Or position this wall mirror above a vanity to provide optimal lighting for applying makeup.

In the bathroom, the water-resistant black frame protects against splashes and steam. Put it above the sink for convenient grooming, or mount it behind a freestanding tub to reflect natural light and views. Use a matrix of these stunning mirrors to tile a whole accent wall.

With its versatility, minimalist style, and generous size, this framed rectangular beveled mirror is an essential for both residential and commercial spaces. Use it to amplify natural light, expand the feel of a small room, or make a stylish decor statement. A high-quality mirror is a smart, affordable way to elevate the look of any living space.


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