Space-Saving bcnyihe Foldable Wall Mounted Shelves – Convenient Storage for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen & More



Tired of clutter around the house but don’t have enough storage space? Look no further than the innovative bcnyihe Foldable Wall Mounted Shelves! These clever shelves easily mount to any smooth surface and fold up when not in use, providing the perfect solution for maximizing storage in small spaces.

Unique Space-Saving Design

What makes the bcnyihe shelves so unique is their ability to fold nearly flat, with an opening angle of 88°. When mounted on the wall, these shelves take up barely any room at all. But with just a flip of your hand, they open up to provide generous storage space for bath accessories, electronics, toiletries, and more. The foldable design is also great for rentals since it leaves behind minimal wall damage when removed.

Sturdy and Durable

Don’t let the folding design fool you – these shelves are made of durable plastic that can hold up to 10 lbs when open. Reviewers are amazed at how sturdy they are while still being lightweight and easy to install. The smooth plastic also looks great in any room of the house. No more flimsy shelves that sag and warp over time. With reinforced edges and sturdy hinges, the bcnyihe shelves will provide reliable storage for years to come.

Secure Mounting

Installing the bcnyihe shelves is a breeze thanks to the included heavy-duty adhesive pads. Just clean the mounting surface, peel off the adhesive backing, press the shelf firmly into place, and let it cure for 24 hours. The strong adhesive keeps the shelf firmly mounted to the wall with no chance of slipping or falling. It leaves behind no wall damage besides 4 tiny pad marks that are easily covered up with spackle when removing. Buyers love how secure the mounting is while still being removable if needed.

Convenientaround the House

The uses for these handy shelves are endless! In the bathroom they’re perfect for holding towels, toilet paper, skincare, grooming tools, and bathroom readers. Mount them inside cabinets to hold spray bottles, cleaning supplies, and more. In the bedroom they work great as nightstand storage for eyeglasses, watches, phones, remotes, books, and even snacks. In the kitchen use them to hold cooking oils, spices, utensils, cookbooks, or wall-mount a paper towel holder. Wherever you need a little bit more storage space, these shelves have you covered.


Space-saving foldable design opens to 10″ x 5″ shelf
Holds up to 10 lbs when open
Smooth plastic blends into any décor
Easy peel & stick installation
Adhesive backing mounts securely to wall
Leave no trace on wall when removed
Ideal for rentals with no wall damage
Lightweight yet sturdy
Great for small spaces like apartments
Instant storage solution around the house
Available in white or black


Customers love how versatile and convenient the bcnyihe folding shelves are:

“These shelves are perfect in my small bathroom. They fold up nicely when guests come over but provide great storage the rest of the time. I use them to hold toilet spray, perfumes, cotton swabs, lotions, soaps, and more. Easy to install too.”

“I bought these to mount inside my kitchen cabinets for spice storage. They hold all my spice jars perfectly and tuck away nicely when I need the space. Way better than those spinning spice racks!”

“I rent a small apartment and needed more storage without drilling into the walls. These adhesive shelves were the perfect solution. They hold plenty and remove without any wall damage.”

“I have these in my bedroom as floating nightstands. They hold my lamp, book, phone charger, cup of water, and more. I love being able to fold them up when cleaning. The shelves look very modern too.”

Bottom Line

With their innovative space-saving design, secure peel-and-stick installation, and durable folding plastic construction, the bcnyihe Wall Mounted Shelves are ideal for maximizing storage around the home. Wherever you need a little extra organizational space, these shelves offer the perfect solution without taking up precious floor space. They fold up and out of the way when not in use but provide sturdy and stylish storage when you need it.


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