Stackable Unbreakable Party Beverage Dispensers (2pk)



Quench Your Thirst in Style with the Buddeez Stackable Unbreakable Beverage Dispensers! Hosting a party or large gathering? Make a statement and keep guests hydrated with these chic drink dispensers.

Manufactured from crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan plastic, these dispensers are practically indestructible. No need to worry about broken glass or messes. The sleek, modern design looks beautiful on any table or serving station. Fill them with juice, lemonade, sangria or any cold beverage.

Each dispenser holds 2 gallons, for 4 gallons total. The included stand securely holds one dispenser stacked on top of the other, maximizing space. Or use each on a separate table for versatility. The clever space-saving design lets you serve more guests without crowding the area.

The dispensers make beverage service quick and easy. Both feature a smooth-flow spigot that won’t drip or clog. It’s engineered to prevent messes, working flawlessly with juices full of pulp and seeds. No more achy wrists trying to tilt heavy glass pitchers. Just push the lever to dispense.

Entertain in style with the sleek “Party Top” lid, perfect for outdoor barbecues, birthday parties, weddings and more. The flat lid is generously sized to hold sliced fruit, berries, citrus wedges and ice cubes. Stack disposable cups and lids on top for self-serve drinks. Or add decorative flowers and greenery to dress it up. Keeps drinks colder while adding a festive touch.

Each dispenser also includes a free chalkboard drink ID tag. Use it to label the contents, make fun signs like “Spiked” or “Kids’ Drinks” and track when it was filled. Customize your beverage presentation and prevent confusion between drinks.

Designed to be portable and compact, these dispensers are ideal for parties away from home. The slim profile takes up minimal space in the car. Integrated handles make transportation easy once on-site. No electric pump required – gravity does the work!

Dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup.

Serve thirst-quenching drinks in style with the versatile and well-designed Buddeez Stackable Beverage Dispensers. Purchase includes two 2-gallon dispensers with lids, spigots, stand and two chalkboard tags. Proudly made in the USA.


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