Stay Hydrated All Day with the BUZIO 128oz Insulated Gallon Water Bottle Bundle



Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your health. Drinking enough water boosts your energy, improves cognitive function, helps with weight management, and keeps your body functioning properly. But it can be hard to drink as much water as you need when you’re on the go.

That’s where the BUZIO 128oz Insulated Gallon Water Bottle comes in! This jug-sized water bottle holds a full gallon of water so you can conveniently carry all the hydration you need for the entire day. The innovative design includes special features to make drinking water simple and enjoyable no matter where your adventures take you.

Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Keeps Beverages Hot or Cold for Hours

The BUZIO gallon water bottle is constructed using double wall vacuum insulation technology. This means there is a stainless steel inner wall and a stainless steel outer wall with a vacuum sealed between them. The vacuum prevents temperature transfer, locking in the temperature of your beverage for hours.

Hot drinks like coffee, tea, and soup stay piping hot for up to 24 hours. The bottle will keep your cold drinks chilled for an impressive 48 hours. No more lukewarm water or diluted icy drinks! The insulation allows the last sip to be just as refreshing as the first, even if your bottle has been sitting in the car or by your desk all day.

Detachable Straw Lid Makes Sipping Simple

Gulping down over a gallon of water may sound daunting. But the ingenious straw lid makes drinking a breeze so you can effortlessly stay on top of your hydration.

The lid features a narrow mouth plastic straw that you can sip from without tilting or lifting the hefty bottle. Just pop the lid on and drink hands-free! The straw lid nests neatly into the wide mouth screw-top lid so it’s securely contained when not in use.

Unscrew the lid to add ice cubes, clean the bottle, or refill your water supply on the go. The 4.33 inch wide opening gives you plenty of room for easy access without removing the entire lid.

Huge 128oz Capacity Keeps You Hydrated All Day

With a sizable 128oz capacity, this water bottle truly holds enough fluid to get you through your day. The generous volume means you can drink as much water as you need without constantly needing to stop for refills.

128oz equates to a full gallon of liquid. To put it into perspective, the typical disposable plastic water bottle contains just 16-20oz. So this jug holds over 6 times as much! With your BUZIO gallon bottle in tow, you’ll be prepared to stay optimally hydrated wherever the day takes you.

The ample size also makes the bottle great for sharing. Bring it along on hikes or to the park and let the whole family drink their fill.

Durable Stainless Steel construction

The BUZIO water bottle is crafted using thick, premium grade 18/8 stainless steel for the inner and outer walls. This steel is free from BPA and phthalates so you aren’t ingesting nasty chemicals as you quench your thirst.

Stainless steel boasts impressive durability and stain resistance, easily outperforming plastic bottles. It won’t develop cracks that leak or harbor bacteria in scratched crevices over time. Nor will it retain flavors or odors from the beverages you store.

The powder coated exterior withstands dents and abrasions, maintaining a pristine, sweat-free surface you can comfortably grip. Built solid to last through daily use, adventure after adventure.

Complete Hydration Bundle Includes 2 Cups and a Protective Carrying Sleeve

This BUZIO gallon water bottle comes bundled with 2 stainless steel cups and a heavy duty carrying sleeve, providing total on-the-go hydration.

The included 10oz stainless steel cups are the perfect size for a hearty cup of water. They match the look and feel of the bottle with the same durable stainless steel build. The cups nest neatly into the wide mouth lid for compact storage until it’s time for a water break.

The carrying sleeve features a drawstring closure and thick padded fabric that protects the bottle from bumps and scrapes during transport and storage. The sleeve helps insulate your beverages and makes the package easy to carry or slip into a bag on busy days.

With the complete bundle, you have everything needed to make drinking water simple whenever thirst strikes. The BUZIO gallon bottle with drinking cups and carrying case is ideal for work, sports, travel, and anywhere hydration is essential.

Worry-Free Warranty and Friendly Service

Your satisfaction with this gallon-sized water bottle is our top priority. That’s why BUZIO offers a worry-free warranty should any issues arise plus friendly, timely customer service.

We stand behind the quality of our bottle and want you to be able to count on it. Contact us with any concerns and we’ll promptly help resolve them so you can continue enjoying the convenience of your BUZIO water bottle every day.

Staying hydrated boosts health and wellbeing no matter how busy life gets. Drink up with ease using the innovative BUZIO 128oz Insulated Gallon Water Bottle. This bundle provides everything you need to make drinking water simple and enjoyable all day long.


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