Store & Protect Your Music Collection with This Sleek CD/DVD Wallet from Bivisen



Tired of rummaging through a mountain of jewel cases to find your favorite album? Sick of scratched discs and broken plastic cases? Then it’s time to get organized with the Bivisen CD/DVD Case Wallet. This convenient holder provides a stylish and practical storage solution for up to 48 CDs or DVDs.

Quality Construction for Maximum Protection

Built to last, this CD wallet is constructed from durable plastic, scratch-resistant PP film, and soft non-woven fabric. The sturdy materials protect your discs from dust, dirt, moisture, and scratches. The PP film slots securely grip each disc while allowing for easy inserting and removal. No more fishing around for discs or having them slip out unexpectedly.

With a high-quality nylon zipper, the case seals closed to prevent damage during transport. The smooth inner lining also helps avoid scratching. Whether placed in a suitcase, backpack or car, your music collection remains protected on the go.

Organized Storage for Easy Access

The spacious interior includes 48 individual slots so you can arrange albums alphabetically by artist. The translucent PP film makes it easy to identify content at a glance. Say goodbye to sorting through a messy stack of jewel cases.

The Bivisen wallet also allows you to categorize your collection by genre, year, or any other system you choose. Separate your old school classics from the newest hits. Store workout mixes separately from your driving playlist. Organize once then quickly find what you need.

Lightweight yet sturdy, the wallet case helps declutter media cabinets, shelves, and workstations. Keep your collection neat and tidy rather than taking up space in bulky cases. As your library expands, conveniently add more CD/DVD wallets to accommodate your growing collection.

Sleek Stylish Design

This storage case features a slim, portable design that looks great on any shelf. The elegant black exterior matches any décor while resisting scuffs and stains over many years. An understated appearance lets your media collection take center stage.

With its space-saving footprint, the wallet can be stored in an office drawer or slipped into a backpack when traveling. Enjoy quick access to your favorite albums wherever you go.

Customizable Color-Coded Storage

The Bivisen CD wallet is available in 15 stylish colors to help you easily categorize and customize your collection. Assign a color to specific genres or moods. Coordinate family member’s media or separate types like movies, music, and computer discs. Colors make it simple to identify and access your discs.

Reliable Quality You Can Count On

Bivisen specializes in manufacturing sturdy, well-designed storage and organization solutions for home and office. They utilize top-quality materials and rigorous production standards to create products built to last year after year.

The convenient CD/DVD case combines protection, portability, and style. Sized for mobility yet large enough to hold your collection, it keeps media secure while eliminating clutter. Discover why customers love the durability, storage capacity, and organization this wallet provides.

Stop wasting time searching through a pile of jewel cases. Organize your media collection in the protective Bivisen CD/DVD Wallet today!


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