The Clever Solution for Fresh, Clean Water Right at Your Fingertips



Tired of drinking tap water that tastes off or reaching for bottled water that’s expensive and wasteful? This Brita water filter pitcher is the convenient, eco-friendly solution you’ve been searching for. With just one pitcher, you’ll have an endless supply of cleaner, fresher tasting water ready whenever thirst strikes.

Advanced Filtration System Removes Harmful Contaminants

This isn’t your average water pitcher. It features a high-performance filter that reduces lead, chlorine, particulates, and other common water contaminants that can negatively impact the taste and quality of your drinking water.

The filter reduces:

  • 99% of lead
  • Chlorine (taste and odor)
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Benzene
  • Asbestos

With just one filter, you’ll get 6 months of cleaner tasting water. And when it’s time for a replacement, the intelligent filter indicator light will let you know.

Large 10 Cup Capacity

The extra large Brita pitcher can hold enough water to fill 3 standard 24oz reusable water bottles, so you’ll always have plenty of water on hand for the whole family. No more fighting over the last cup or making multiple trips to refill your glass.

The oval pitcher design easily fits into most fridge doors, making water easily accessible at all times. And with a comfortable handle and lightweight build, it’s simple to grab, pour and refill.

Sustainable Alternative to Bottled Water

By choosing this Brita pitcher over bottled water, you can save money and help the planet.

The filter replaces 1,800 16.9oz single use plastic water bottles per year. Just think of all that plastic waste you’ll be reducing!

Plus, with the Brita filter, you’ll save money since you won’t have to continually buy costly bottled water. Great tasting water is just a pour away!

Effortless to Use

From fill to pour to clean, using this water pitcher couldn’t be easier.

The lid flips open to reveal a large oval opening that allows you to fill the reservoir without spilling a drop.

The ergonomic handle provides a sturdy grip for easy pouring. No more worrying about slippery hands or unsteady pours.

And when it’s time to clean, the reservoir separates into two pieces for quick hand washing or dishwasher cleaning.

Get Cleaner, Fresher Tasting Water with the Push of a Button

Having clean, great tasting water couldn’t be simpler. Just fill the pitcher, let the filter work its magic, and enjoy the crisp, refreshing water anytime you thirst for a glass.

With the large 10 cup capacity, smart filter indicator, space saving design, and eco-friendly benefits, this Brita pitcher provides an easy solution for accessing cleaner drinking water. Ditch the bottled water and experience the convenience of filtered water straight from your fridge.


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