Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxury Spa with the AWARA 16 Inch Black Rain Shower Head



Treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa-like experience every time you shower with the sleek and modern AWARA 16 Inch Black Rain Shower Head. This ultra-thin 304 stainless steel rainfall shower head provides full coverage drenching with its wide 16 inch square design and soft silicone nozzles.

Rainfall Downpour for Full Body Coverage

With a generous 16 inch square size, this large rain shower head envelops your whole body with a gentle waterfall cascade. The wide rectangular shape allows for full coverage to soak your head, shoulders, back and beyond, giving you a soothing all-over water massage.

Luxuriously Soft Raindrop Spray

The AWARA shower head features 324 silicone rubber nozzles that deliver a luxuriously soft raindrop spray. The flexible nozzles provide a comforting full body massage that feels like standing under a gentle summer rain. The nozzles’ soft texture also helps prevent limescale buildup.

Ultra Slim Modern Design

This rainfall shower head has an ultra slim 0.3 inch profile that looks sleek and contemporary in any modern bathroom. The 16 inch square geometric shape makes a striking style statement. The matte black finish gives this shower head a sophisticated high-end look.

Powerful High Pressure Rain Shower

Don’t worry about low water pressure with this AWARA rain shower head. The luxurious rainfall shower head is engineered to provide a satisfyingly powerful spray, even with standard plumbing systems. Enjoy a drenching downpour without cranking up your water heater.

Water-Saving Performance

While providing an invigorating powerful rain shower, this AWARA rainfall shower head actually helps you conserve water. The self-cleaning nozzles prevent clogging while optimizing water flow for a water-efficient shower. Reduce your water usage and save on bills!

Durable Premium Construction

This rainfall shower head is made from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel with a beautiful black matte powder coated finish. The durable steel construction and corrosion-resistant surface ensure this shower head will stay looking sleek for years.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Installation is a breeze with the standard 1/2 inch G1/2 connection that is compatible with any shower arm or slide bar kit (not included). No need for tools – it simply threads on and off for easy cleaning. Designed to resist mineral deposits and scale buildup.

5 Year Warranty

AWARA stands behind this premium rainfall shower head with a 5 year warranty. We want you to enjoy an indulgent spa shower experience every day.

Transform Your Shower into a Spa Retreat

Upgrade your bathroom with the luxurious AWARA 16 Inch Black Rain Shower Head. With its ultra-thin modern profile and huge 16 inch square coverage, this rainfall shower head offers a blissful water massage. The powerful high pressure spray feels like a rejuvenating downpour washing your stress away. Treat yourself to a little luxury and relax under the gentle waterfall rain every morning!


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