Transform Your Home with This Gorgeous and Durable Washable Area Rug



Give your home an instant style upgrade with the Gent drizz 5×7 Washable Area Rug. This beautiful and functional accent rug is made with premium soft chenille fabric for a luxuriously plush feel underfoot. The delicate distressed floral motif adds a touch of timeless allure to any room. Best of all, this area rug is completely machine washable for easy care and maintenance.

Premium Soft Chenille Fabric for Comfort and Durability

Crafted from soft, low pile chenille fabric, this area rug offers a wonderfully cozy and lightweight feel underfoot. The dense, fuzzy surface has a velvety soft texture that is pure bliss for bare feet. The durable chenille fabric holds up well to daily wear and tear from high foot traffic, kids, and pets. It won’t shed or pill over time.

Conveniently Machine Washable

Life can get messy with spills, accidents, and heavy usage. Fortunately, you can just toss this area rug in the washing machine to keep it looking fresh and clean. No need for expensive professional cleaning services. The rug has been tested through 500+ machine washes without any shedding, fading, or damage. Just remember to wash gentle cycle and line dry. Avoid using bleach.

Stain Resistant and Waterproof

This area rug is crafted using advanced stain-resistant microfiber fabric technology. The chenille rug has a special finish to prevent liquids like wine, coffee, juice, or pet accidents from penetrating deep into the fibers. Most everyday stains can be easily wiped away with just soap and water. No more permanent rug stains!

Safety Anti-Slip Rubber Backing

Don’t worry about this area rug shifting or sliding around on hard floors. The back is coated in a dense layer of non-slip rubber dots to grip surfaces securely in place. The anti-slip design provides needed traction to avoid slips and falls, which is great for kids, elderly individuals, and pets.

Beautiful Distressed Floral Design

This washable chenille area rug features a gorgeous distressed floral motif in beige and cream tones. The subtle blended hues exude a vintage charm that creates an elegant foundation piece for any room. Use it to define a seating area in the living room, anchor a dining set, or add a decorative accent to the bedroom or office.

Durable Low Pile 0.15” Thickness

With a 0.15” pile height, this is a thinner flatwoven style rug. The low profile allows it to slide easily under furniture legs. It can be used wall-to-wall with no tripping hazard. The tight flat weave and fine stitching also help this area rug hold up well against heavy foot traffic without showing wear patterns over time.

Dimensions: 5 ft x 7 ft

This area rug measures 5 ft wide x 7 ft long, providing 35 square ft of coverage. The versatile 5×7 size allows you to use it in small spaces like entryways and next to beds. Also works well for defining sitting areas in medium-large living rooms or under dining tables. Choose from available colors/patterns to match your home decor.

Easy Maintenance and Care

Vacuum this washable area rug regularly with a standard vacuum cleaner to prevent dirt, dust, and pet hair from accumulating. Spot clean minor spills immediately with soap and water. For a deeper clean, just toss in the washing machine and line dry. Avoid using bleach. The rug may have minor creases at first, but they will diminish over a few days of use. You can also iron the rug flat.

Transform Your Space with This Stylish and Functional Accent Piece

Refresh your home decor with the lovely Gent drizz Washable Chenille 5×7 Area Rug. The soft premium chenille fabric offers indulgent cushioning and everyday durability. The distressed floral motif adds graceful style to any room. Conveniently machine washable for fuss-free maintenance. An easy way to revamp your space with comfort, beauty, and practicality in mind.


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