Transform Your Office Space with the Chris.W Stretchable Office Chair Cover



Give your office or workspace an instant makeover with the Chris.W Stretchable Office Chair Cover. This universal chair cover fits most standard office and desk chairs, up to 18.9″ wide x 21.65″ deep x 22″ high back, providing a custom fit look without the costly price tag.

Sleek, Sophisticated Style

Available in a variety of colors including black, blue, gray, and purple cirrus, this chair cover adds a splash of color and style to any office or workspace. The smooth, stretchable fabric creates a sleek, tailored look that instantly elevates the appearance of your chair. Whether you want to update a worn or outdated chair or maintain the like-new look of a new chair, this cover is a quick and easy way to keep your office looking polished and professional.

Soft, Comfortable Fit

Despite its polished appearance, the Chris.W chair cover is made from a soft, resilient fabric that stretches snugly over your chair for a custom, wrinkle-free fit. The fabric is smooth and comfortable so you can sit for hours without irritation. Dual elastic bands on the bottom ensure the cover stays securely in place without bunching or slipping.

Easy to Install, Remove, and Clean

Installing this office chair cover takes just seconds – simply stretch it over the seat, back, and arms. The elastic bands hold it in place for a stay-put fit. Removing the cover is just as easy for quick cleaning. The fabric is fully machine washable, making it easy to keep your chair cover looking like new. Regular cleaning also helps prevent the buildup of dirt, oils, and sweat that can prematurely age the fabric.

Protects and Beautifies Chairs

Not only does this chair cover spruce up the look of your office, it also protects your chair from daily wear and tear. The smooth, stretchy fabric prevents rips, cracks, and fading on chair surfaces. Armrests and other high-contact areas stay protected from dirt, oils, and sweat buildup that can damage vinyl and other chair upholsteries over time. Your chair stays looking and functioning like new.

Ideal Uses

This universal office chair cover has many versatile uses beyond the office:

  • Home office – Create a stylish workspace in your home office, den, or study
  • Dining room – Complement your dining table and room decor
  • Events – Use for guest seating at weddings, parties, conferences and more
  • Businesses – Perfect for reception areas, waiting rooms, break rooms, and more

This chair cover works with most standard office chairs. Please check that your chair dimensions do not exceed 18.9″W x 21.65″D x 22″H back before ordering. With its easy installation and care, stylish look, and versatile uses, the Chris.W Office Chair Cover is a must-have accessory for any office, business, or event space. Order yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of chairs will this cover fit?

This universal chair cover is designed to fit most standard office chairs, task chairs, and desk chairs up to 18.9 inches wide x 21.65 inches deep x 22 inches high back. It is not recommended for oversized or specialty chairs. Please measure your chair to ensure proper fit before ordering.

How is the chair cover installed?

This chair cover simply stretches over the seat, back, and arms of your chair. Elastic bands on the bottom of the cover hold it in place once installed. Installation takes just seconds and no tools are required.

Is assembly required?

No, this chair cover comes ready to install out of the packaging. Simply take it out of the box and stretch it over your office chair to provide an instant makeover. No assembly or tools needed.

How do I clean the chair cover?

This polyester chair cover can be easily cleaned by machine washing in cold water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach or iron the fabric.

Can I return the chair cover if it doesn’t fit my chair?

Yes, returns are accepted if the chair cover does not properly fit your chair. Please ensure your chair dimensions do not exceed 18.9″W x 21.65″D x 22″H back prior to ordering. You can reference sizing charts in the product pictures as well.

What is the warranty?

The Chris.W Office Chair Cover comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Please contact the manufacturer directly for all warranty claims or issues.

Don’t settle for a dull, dated office – give your workspace the makeover it deserves with the Chris.W Stretchable Office Chair Cover today! With its easy installation and care, custom-fit style, and versatile uses, this chair cover is a must to keep your office looking chic.


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