Transform Your Shower into a Luxurious Spa Escape with the Aquarius Mist Handheld Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Head



Treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa-like shower experience every day with the Aquarius Mist handheld shower head. Crafted with premium quality ABS plastic and finished in stunning oil rubbed bronze, this shower head brings elegance and luxury to your bathroom.

The generous 4.9 inch face provides satisfying, drenching rainfall coverage so you feel completely immersed as soon as you turn on the water. 56 nozzles generate a powerful stream that feels like a gentle summer rain washing away the stresses of the day. Even if your home water pressure is low, the Aquarius Mist provides a consistent, robust flow of 2.5 gallons per minute.

Customize Your Shower with 6 Soothing Spray Settings

Not every shower is the same. Some days you want a gentle stream to relax and unwind. Other times you need a powerful jet spray to invigorate your senses and wash away sweat after a tough workout. The Aquarius Mist shower head puts you in control with 6 convenient spray settings:

Power Rain – Wide, drenching rainfall spray to soothe muscles
Massage – Targeted pulsing spray to work out knots and kinks
Mist – Light, gentle mist for rinsing
Rain – Wider rainfall spray that feels like a summer shower
Jet – Strong focused spray to energize and refresh
Water Saving Pause – Pauses water flow while lathering up to conserve water
Each setting is specially engineered to provide an indulgent shower experience. With a simple twist of the control dial, you can find the perfect spray for however you want to shower. The settings click into place so you can easily find your favorite mode even with eyes closed and soap on your face.

Luxurious Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Adds Style

The Aquarius Mist instantly elevates your bathroom’s look with its rich, oil rubbed bronze finish. This elegant bronze complements both traditional and contemporary decor. The lustrous metallic sheen is smooth to the touch and provides a graceful, upscale appearance.

The heavy-duty ABS plastic and solid brass swivel ball connection are constructed to last. No more cracks, leaks or other damage over time. The Aquarius Mist brings durable luxury and sophistication that get better with age.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installing the Aquarius Mist shower head takes just minutes with simple tools. Detailed instructions walk you through the straightforward steps to remove your old shower head and set up the new one. All necessary parts are included like Teflon tape to seal threads, a filter to prevent limescale buildup, and a rubber band to secure the connection.

To keep your Aquarius Mist performing like new, periodically clean the nozzles with the included brush to remove any mineral deposits. Wipe down the oil rubbed bronze finish with gentle soap and water as needed. The shower head is designed for easy maintenance so you can continue enjoying indulgent showers.

Refresh and Renew with the Extra Long Hose

What’s better than a luxurious rainfall shower? One you can take anywhere in the shower! The Aquarius Mist comes with a stainless steel hose measuring a full 72 inches long. That’s a full 6 feet of length so you can move around freely.

Reach up to wet your hair, then down to shave your legs without awkward maneuvering or contorting to stay under the stream. The extra long hose provides flexibility to accommodate all shapes and sizes. Take your shower head off the mount for handheld use or leave it docked when you want a fixed rain shower. Either way, the lengthy hose prevents limiting or confined showers.

Indulge in a Rejuvenating Spa Shower Every Day

Bring the luxury of the spa to your own home with the Aquarius Mist Handheld Shower Head. It pairs sophisticated oil rubbed bronze style with advanced performance features for a blissful shower you’ll look forward to each day. Adjustable settings let you customize your experience for the ultimate renewal.

With its premium construction, easy installation, and flexible extra long hose, the Aquarius Mist makes elevating your shower a stress-free, enjoyable process. Choose from the oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or polished chrome finish to match your bathroom’s look. Each option provides the same spa-worthy shower you deserve.

Try the Aquarius Mist risk-free with a 30 day money back guarantee. We stand behind the quality and want you to be fully satisfied. Experience the difference a luxurious rainfall shower makes and add some affordable luxury into your daily routine.


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