Transform Your Shower into a Luxurious Spa with the Aquarius Gold Shower Head with Handheld Sprayer



Treat yourself to an invigorating spa-like shower experience every day with the Aquarius Gold Shower Head with Handheld Sprayer. This deluxe shower head system features an extra-large 4.9″ wide rainfall shower head and a convenient handheld shower wand, giving you the flexibility to customize your shower exactly how you want it.

The Beautiful Gold Finish Adds Luxury to Any Bathroom

The brilliant polished brass finish gives this shower head system a beautiful golden shine that will elevate the look of any bathroom. The gold hue complements both traditional and contemporary bath decor seamlessly. This shower head is sure to impress your guests!

Extra-Large Rainfall Shower Head for a Luxurious Spa Feeling

With its wide 4.9 inch face and 56 nozzles, the fixed shower head provides a drenching rainfall spray to envelop your whole body. The extra-large size gives you more coverage and simulates the feeling of standing under a gentle summer rain. The waterfall shower stream is perfect for rinsing shampoo, relaxing tired muscles, and starting your day refreshed.

Powerful 2.5 GPM Water Flow Even with Low Water Pressure

The Aquarius was designed to deliver a satisfyingly strong spray volume of 2.5 gallons per minute, even if you have low water pressure in your home. The abundant flow ensures you’ll get a thorough cleanse without wasting water.

Handheld Wand for Targeted Cleaning and Hard to Reach Areas

The versatile handheld shower wand allows you to direct the water flow exactly where you want it. It’s great for rinsing hair, bathing kids and pets, or targeting sore muscles. The 5 foot stainless steel hose provides ample reach to get to hard to access spots like your back or bottom of your feet.

6 Convenient Spray Settings for a Customized Shower

With 6 spray settings including Power Rain, Massage, Mist, Jet, Economy Rain and Pause, you can easily adjust the water flow to suit your needs. Turn the dial to switch between an invigorating jet spray, a gentle mist, or a targeted massage stream. The variety of patterns makes every shower a refreshing new experience.

Easy Tool-Free Installation in Minutes

Designed for hassle-free DIY installation, this shower head set comes with all the components you need. It fits any standard shower arm and includes a brass ball joint bracket, Teflon tape, plumber’s tape, and a filter. Detailed instructions walk you through each simple step. You can refresh your shower in less than 30 minutes, no complicated tools required.

Premium Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from top-grade materials like polished brass, ABS plastic and stainless steel, this shower head system is made to withstand daily use. The solid brass swivel ball allows smooth adjustability. Leak-proof seals ensure many years of reliable performance.

Enhance Your Bathroom with Beautiful, Luxurious Style

Elevate your bathroom to a spa-like oasis and enjoy revitalizing showers with the Aquarius Gold Shower Head. The brilliant finish, extra-large rain shower head, handheld sprayer, and fully adjustable bracket give you a customized luxury shower experience.

Here are just a few more reasons why customers love this shower head:

Beautiful gold finish adds style and luxury to any bathroom
Extra-large 4.9” wide rainfall shower head provides spa-like coverage
Handheld sprayer makes it easy to reach every part of your body
6 settings including Power Rain, Massage, and Mist for a customized shower
Strong 2.5 GPM flow gives you a satisfying shower, even with low water pressure
Smooth brass swivel ball joint provides flexible adjustability
Premium quality materials like brass, ABS, and stainless steel built to last
Easy tool-free installation – no plumber needed!
All mounting hardware included – brackets, tape, hose, etc.
Fits any standard shower arm connection
Provides the invigorating feel of a luxury spa shower right at home
Alternative to expensive full-coverage shower systems
Complements both traditional and modern bathroom styles
Makes a beautiful addition to any shower or tub surround
Great for low-flow showers to increase water pressure
Rinse shampoo thoroughly and easily bathe kids and pets
Customizable spray patterns for different shower needs
Invigorating full-body coverage to start your day refreshed
Target sore muscles with a powerful concentrated spray
Delivers therapeutic relaxation after a long day
Makes washing the shower and cleaning bath toys easier
Added convenience for those with mobility issues
Provides a thorough cleanse without wasting water
Satisfaction guaranteed – 30 day money back warranty
Pamper yourself with the comfort, luxury, and convenience of the Aquarius Gold Shower Head with Handheld Sprayer. This spa-like shower system will make you feel like you’re at a 5-star resort every time you step into your bathroom.


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