Transform Your Space with Cabilock 4 Piece Screen Base for Office Dividers



Tired of a cramped, cluttered workspace? Cabilock’s 4 piece folding screen base kit is the simple solution for creating privacy, adding organization, and customizing your home or office layout exactly how you want it. These sturdy plastic supports allow you to quickly and easily install room dividers or folding partition panels to carve out separate zones for work, rest, and play.

Craft a Personal Haven with Portable Partition Screens

Cabilock’s versatile room divider stands provide the perfect base for setting up portable partition screens in any room. Their sleek low-profile design blends into any decor from modern to farmhouse. Use folding screens to define a cozy reading nook in the living room, add a dressing area to your bedroom, or section off a quiet homework station in a kids’ room or dorm. The possibilities are endless!

With Cabilock’s divider bracket system, it takes just minutes to put up or take down screens whenever you need to repurpose a space. Enjoy the flexibility to rearrange your layout anytime. Turn an ordinary open area into a multi-functional oasis designed for your needs.

Discreetly Add Extra Privacy Where You Need It

These room divider stands allow you to subtly divide open kitchens, bedrooms, and living spaces for added seclusion. The clean-lined bases blend in discreetly so screens look like elegant furnishings, not temporary dividers. Use folding screens to shelter open workstations in a shared home office or provide some visual privacy in a studio apartment.

Cabilock’s partition panel stands adjust to the perfect height to match standard screens. The weighted plastic feet keep screens sturdy and upright. Forget flimsy partition panels that easily topple over! With strong, stable bases, your screens stay securely in place so they actually block sight lines.

Keep Your Concentration in Shared Workspaces

Finding focus in a noisy, high-traffic area can be a challenge. Cabilock’s multipurpose room divider stands allow you to quickly create a simple cubicle or workstation anywhere. Use screens to block distracting sights and muffle ambient noise from colleagues in a shared office.

Or turn any corner of your living room or bedroom into a clutter-free workspace. The portable feet allow you to easily move screens out of the way when not in use. It’s perfect for setting up temporary work-from-home stations or craft areas that can be put away at the end of the day.

Take Your Screen With You or Buy Local

Cabilock’s versatile plastic bracket kit is designed for use with any standard size folding partition screen. Easily move screens between rooms or take them with you if you change residences. If relocating, you can purchase inexpensive secondhand screens or light bamboo shades at your new location.

The universal bases adjust to fit most standard screens from 6 to 8 feet high – check your screen width to ensure compatibility. Gripping rubber pads hold any screen securely in place and prevent scratches. Transform any space on a budget!


Set includes 4 durable plastic brackets for screens
Adjustable height range: 70” – 96” high
Weight limit: 33 lbs per stand
Rubber grips protect screens
Plastic trellis base provides stability
Low-profile discreet design
Neutral white color matches any decor
For indoor use only
Take back control over your environment with Cabilock’s innovative partition panel stand set. Dial in the perfect ambiance and productivity level for any activity, whether it’s intense focus work, creative time, or peaceful relaxation.


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