Transform Your Space with Lush, Vibrant Artificial Ferns



Welcome the beauty of nature into your home or garden with this stunning set of large artificial ferns. Crafted to look just like real Boston ferns, these faux plants bring a sense of life and vibrancy to any indoor or outdoor space.

Unrivaled Realism You Have to See to Believe

At first glance, you may not even realize these are artificial plants. The leaves boast intricate natural veining and vary subtly in shape and size just like real ferns. Their deep green color looks rich and lush, inviting you to reach out and touch the delicate fronds. The flexible yet firm plastic stems move gently in the breeze when used outdoors. These artificial ferns are so realistic, your guests will be searching for the watering can!

Designed to Last for Years Both Indoors and Out

Crafted from the highest quality materials like silk and plastic, these faux ferns are made to endure. Their UV resistant construction allows them to be used outdoors without fading. When you grow tired of one display, simply move them to a new room or location. No matter the season or weather, these artificial plants will stay looking fresh.

Decorate Your Way with Versatile, Low Maintenance Greenery

This set of 2 large faux Boston ferns provides you with ample greenery to decorate any space to your liking. Each bouquet measures approximately 23 inches high and 33 inches wide fully extended. Display one on your front porch to greet guests with natural charm. Line your walkway with the pair to add welcoming symmetry. Place one on each side of the altar at your wedding or next to the cake table. Their classic good looks complement any style from modern to traditional. Use them to add a pop of color to your living room, bedroom, office, patio, storefront and more. Wherever you decide to place these artificial ferns, you can enjoy the look without the work. They require zero watering, trimming or maintenance to look fabulous year-round. Keep your home looking photo shoot ready without the hassle.

Easy Care and Long Lasting Decoration

Caring for houseplants can be time consuming and frustrating. Between watering, pruning, cleaning and treating pests, it’s easy for real plants to become an chore rather than a joy. Replace high maintenance greenery with these carefree artificial ferns. Their realistic appearance helps purify indoor air and boosts mood without the work. Simply wipe clean as needed to remove dust. Free yourself from worrying about watering schedules and root rot. Give your living space a quick refresh by rearranging these faux plants whenever inspiration strikes. Their timeless look complements decor from modern farmhouse to industrial. Use them to soften hard edges and add organic accents.

Lush, Full Bouquets Ready for Immediate Display

Each set of artificial ferns comes ready to display right out of the box. With 29 individual fronds per bouquet, these faux plants looks full and plush. The 16 inch long cascading leaves spread gracefully when fully extended, creating the look of mature, healthy plants. Place them in decorative baskets or planters, use them as centerpieces, or arrange them in vases. Display alone or mix them with other faux greenery for a custom look. Their generous size makes a big impact anywhere you place them.

Complements All Decor Styles from Rustic to Modern

These lifelike artificial ferns mesh with all types of home decor. Their organic look provides texture and softness. Use them to lighten up overly masculine spaces or add an earthy touch to modern rooms. They look equally at home in a cozy cottage, trendy apartment or grand entryway. Place them on your front porch or in your backyard garden to greet guests with natural charm. Display them on your patio to enjoy lush vibes without worrying about weather damage. Their versatility allows you to move them anywhere you need a dose of vibrant plant life.

With unrivaled realism, endless versatility and zero maintenance required, these artificial ferns are a design game changer. Their authentic details fool the eye while their easy care simplifies your life. Ready to welcome the beauty of nature into your life without any of the work? Order this set of large artificial Boston ferns today! Your home will love the lush vibe.


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