Transform Your Space with Realistic Artificial Boxwood Panels



Take your indoor and outdoor living areas to the next level with these realistic and versatile artificial boxwood panels. With 12 interlocking 20″ x 20″ panels in each pack, you can easily create a lush, natural privacy screen or decorative backdrop for your home.

Unbelievably Realistic Looking

Mimicking real boxwood hedges, these faux hedge panels contain hundreds of individual artificial leaves in rich, vibrant tones of green. The leaves are designed and arranged to look like natural, healthy boxwood growth. Each leaf has delicate veining and variation in shade and shape, avoiding the unnatural uniformity of lower quality fakes. Arrange the panels together to form a seamless hedge or divider. From a distance, no one will be able to tell they aren’t real!

Made to Withstand the Elements

While they look like living plants, these artificial boxwood panels are designed for durable outdoor performance. The “leaves” are made from UV resistant polyethylene that won’t fade or deteriorate in sunlight. They are also resistant to weather, rain, snow, and temperature extremes. You can install these faux hedges with confidence that they will retain their beauty year after year with zero maintenance required.

Easy Installation

With a smart interlocking panel design, installing your new artificial greenery couldn’t be easier. Each 20″ x 20″ panel includes connectors on the sides that allow them to seamlessly join together. Simply connect the panels and follow the included instructions to secure them to fences, posts, walls, or other surfaces. You can also trim the panels with ordinary scissors to fit your exact space. No digging, planting, or waiting for growth required!

Customize and Style Endlessly

Create an instant privacy screen on a patio or deck, border a garden path, or section off areas in your landscape. These versatile panels can also be used indoors to decorate blank walls, act as photo backdrops, or divide rooms. Their neutral green tone complements any style from modern farmhouse to traditional and everything in between. Get creative combining the panels with planters, trellises, lighting, and other decor for your own unique look!

High Quality and Low Maintenance

Constructed from durable polyethylene, these artificial hedges are lightweight yet extremely tough. They’re safe for use around family and pets with no toxic chemicals. Rain, snow, sun, salt, and pests won’t faze them. You’ll avoid the work of watering, fertilizing, pruning, and managing pests and diseases. Just an occasional cleaning is all they need to keep their fresh appearance for many years of enjoyment.

Give your landscape gorgeous greenery without the hassle with these incredible lifelike artificial boxwood panels. Their endless design possibilities and no-maintenance good looks bring natural beauty to your living space inside and out!

Product Highlights:

  • Set of 12 interlocking 20″ x 20″ artificial boxwood panels
  • Realistic details mimic shapes, shades, and textures of real boxwood
  • Durable UV and weather resistant polyethylene construction
  • Easy connect and install design for DIY projects
  • Use indoors or outdoors to create privacy screens, backdrops, and more
  • Low maintenance – no watering, trimming, or pest care needed

Transform your patios, gardens, fences, and other spaces with these amazing hyper-realistic artificial boxwood panels today!


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