Transform Your Workspace with the Con-Tact Brand XL Corner Desk Pad



Tired of your plain, boring desk? Looking to add some style and sophistication to your home office? Then it’s time to upgrade to the Con-Tact Brand XL Corner Desk Pad! This high quality L-shaped desk pad is the perfect solution for any corner workspace, providing premium protection and comfort.

Premium Coverage for Any L-Shaped Desk

With its extra large 36″ x 15.7″ size, this desk pad is specially designed to fit corner computer desks and L-shape workspaces. The clever L-shape design with corner cutout allows you to make full use of your entire desk surface. You’ll gain the maximum usable area while keeping your desk fully protected.

The XL size gives you ample room for your keyboard, mouse, office supplies or school books. You can also use the spacious surface for extra writing space when taking notes or drawing. This desk pad truly maximizes your desk real estate so you can stay organized and clutter-free.

Dual Sided Design Offers Stylish Versatility

Constructed from soft yet durable PU leather, this desk pad features different front and back colors so you can flip it over for a fresh new look any time. Choose between classic Black, stylish Brown, elegant Grey and more to match your space.

The desk pad has a thick cushioned construction which provides premium comfort when writing or typing for long periods. Yet it’s firm enough that you can write smoothly without any hand discomfort. Anti-slip properties keep the desk pad firmly in place so you never have to worry about it shifting around.

High Quality Protection for Your Desk

The Con-Tact Brand XL Corner Desk Pad is designed to guard your desk surface against the wear and tear of daily use. The waterproof PU leather material shields your desk from accidental spills, scratches, scuffs and stains. No more worries about ruining your nice desk!

Anti-fray edges give this desk pad a clean, seamless look. It stays neatly in place with anti-slip properties that keep it secure on any glass or wood surface. Show off your style while keeping your workspace protected.

Multi-Functional for Work, School, Gaming and More

This versatile XL corner desk pad works great for so many different activities:

– Workstation – Provides ample room for your laptop, keyboard, mouse, desk organizers, notepads, writing instruments and more.

– Home office – Protects your home office desk while adding a touch of style. Keeps your space clutter-free and organized.

– School work – Use it as a clean surface for doing homework, arts & crafts projects or taking notes in class.

– PC gaming – Creates a slickstation for your gaming keyboard, mouse, headphones and other accessories.

– Drawing – The smooth surface allows you to comfortably sketch, draw or doodle without hurting your wrists.

– Writing – Rest your hands comfortably on the padded surface when journaling, letter writing or filling out forms.

So versatile, this XL corner desk pad really can do it all! It’s the ideal multi-functional accent piece for any home or office workspace.

Sleek, Waterproof and Easy to Clean

The sleek PU leather covering gives this desk pad a classy, upscale look in any room. But it also serves a practical purpose, as the waterproof surface keeps liquid spills from penetrating and damaging the pad. Accidental spills of coffee, juice, soda or water can simply be wiped up with no harm done.

Overall, this desk pad is designed for easy care and maintenance. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth as needed to remove dust, dirt or other debris. The anti-slip backing keeps it firmly planted so it won’t budge during cleaning. With minimal effort, you can keep your Con-Tact Brand XL Corner Desk Pad looking like new.

Transform Your Workspace Now!

Elevate your desk from boring to beautiful with the Con-Tact Brand XL Corner Desk Pad. With heavy-duty construction, multi-functional design and stylish versatility, this desk pad is the perfect upgrade for any home, office, school or creative workspace.

The waterproof PU leather material provides a protective yet comfortable surface for work, play and everything in between. Dress up your desk, gain more usable space and add a touch of class with this must-have desk accessory.

Order the Con-Tact Brand XL Corner Desk Pad today and transform your plain old desk into an inspiring, productive workspace you’ll love spending time at!


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