Welcome Home Farmhouse Style Outdoor Doormat



Make your home’s entrance inviting with the Barnyard Designs “Home Sweet Home” Doormat. This stylish doormat features a charming brown and black farmhouse design that will add instant curb appeal to your front porch, patio, or entryway.

A Durable and Attractive Outdoor Doormat

This doormat is made from durable polyester material with a non-slip rubber backing. The polyester fibers are tightly woven together to trap dirt, mud, leaves, and other outdoor debris from being tracked inside. Despite heavy usage, the fibers won’t fray or shred apart like cheaper doormats.

Not only is it built to last, this doormat is aesthetically pleasing too. The brown and black color scheme and “Home Sweet Home” lettering give it a classic farmhouse vibe. Place it outside your front door to complement your home’s exterior. The neutral earthy colors blend well with any outdoor decor. Use it year-round to enhance your porch or patio.

Traps Dirt and Moisture to Keep Floors Clean

The best doormats trap dirt, debris, moisture, and mud so it doesn’t get tracked indoors. The thick woven polyester fibers grab and hold debris from shoes and paws. Simply shake or hose off the mat as needed to restore its dirt trapping capabilities. Not only does this keep your floors cleaner, it also protects floors from premature wear, scratches, and stains.

A quality doormat also helps absorb moisture so wet shoes and paws don’t create puddles and slippery areas inside. The “Home Sweet Home” doormat has excellent absorbency to soak up rain, snowmelt, and mud. Its 0.5″ thickness provides ample surface area to trap moisture before it’s trekked inside.

Durable Construction Stands Up to Heavy Traffic

From kids and pets to guests and deliveries, your doormat takes a lot of wear and tear. That’s why this doormat is constructed with durability in mind. The tightly woven polyester fibers are resistant to fraying and shredding. They won’t unravel or fall apart with frequent use. Even in mudrooms and high traffic entries, this doormat will withstand the elements.

Its non-slip rubber backing also keeps the mat firmly in place. Rubber grippers grab onto porch or patio surfaces to prevent shifting, sliding, buckling, and flipping over. The doormat stays flat and secure even with heavy footsteps.

Weather Resistant for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Place this versatile doormat outside your front or back door as a stylish weather-resistant welcome mat. The polyester fibers won’t fade or deteriorate with exposure to sun, rain, snow, and other elements. It’s also suitable for indoor use in entryways, laundry rooms, and mudrooms.

Though it’s weather tolerant, its best to bring the mat indoors during extreme weather to preserve its appearance and fibers. Avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight which may cause minor fading over time. A periodic hose down removes built up dirt restoring the mat’s look and performance.

Generously Sized 30″ x 17″

With dimensions of 30″ x 17″, this doormat provides ample wiping surface for multiple footfalls before getting overloaded with dirt. The large size is well suited for high traffic entrances that need extra heavy duty dirt trapping capabilities. Its long length also works great next to double doors.

Despite the generous sizing, the doormat is lightweight and easy to shake out. Simply pick it up, give it a good shake, and sweep off excess dirt to restore the mat’s appearance. Roll or fold it up for easy storage when not in use.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Barnyard Designs provides excellent customer service and stands behind this doormat with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever unhappy with this “Home Sweet Home” doormat, just contact Barnyard Designs directly and they’ll make it right.

With its classic farmhouse design, durable construction, excellent dirt and moisture trapping capabilities, weather resistance, and generous size, the Barnyard Designs “Home Sweet Home” Doormat is a fantastic choice for your home’s entryway. Display it proudly and enjoy a warm welcome every time you come home.


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