William F. Kempf & Son Black Border Coco Coir Heavy Duty Doormat – All Natural Floor Mat Helps Trap Dirt and Debris at 22″ x 36″



Welcome friends, family, and guests in style with the Black Border Coco Coir Doormat by William F. Kempf & Son. This beautifully crafted, natural fiber doormat provides a warm and welcoming flair while serving an important function – trapping dirt, debris, moisture, and more before it has a chance to enter your home.

Crafted from All Natural Materials for Superb Performance

The Black Border Doormat is handmade using 100% all natural coconut fiber, known as coir. Coir is sustainably harvested from coconut husks, providing an incredibly durable and long-lasting material perfect for doormats and rugs. This renewable resource traps dirt and debris exceptionally well thanks to the dense, bristly nature of the coconut fibers.

The doormat features a classic, sophisticated black border design deeply dyed into the coconut fibers. The bold black edging frames the lighter natural coconut fiber center section beautifully. The deep, lasting color won’t fade over time like some dyes.

Thick and Dense Fibers Trap Tons of Dirt and Moisture

This doormat is made extra heavy duty thanks to the use of thick, dense coconut fibers. The fibers have a soft yet stiff and wiry texture that literally grabs dirt, mud, snow, leaves, grass, and more off the bottom of shoes and boots. The fibers bend and sway underfoot, trapping all that you track in.

The natural absorbency of coconut fiber also helps this doormat soak up any extra moisture, keeping your floors clean and dry. Puddles are no match for this absorbent mat!

Scraping Brush Action Cleans Shoes

In addition to grabbing and holding dirt and debris, the Black Border Doormat also cleans dirty shoes with its stiff brush-like fibers. As you step onto the mat, the dense fibers bend and brush off stuck on mud and dirt from your shoes’ tread. This scraping action knocks loose even more dirt and debris before you enter the home.

Easy Maintenance – Just Vacuum and Go!

Caring for your new Black Border Coir Doormat couldn’t be easier. Simply vacuum thoroughly on a regular basis with any standard vacuum cleaner to suck up all the trapped dirt and debris. The stiff coconut fibers won’t get flattened out or matted down with normal use.

You can also easily shake out the mat outside if needed between vacuuming. Avoid excessive wetting of the mat. Let the mat air dry thoroughly if it happens to get very wet before placing it back at your door.

With routine vacuuming and the occasional shake out, your new doormat will continue trapping tons of dirt for years to come, extending the life of your home’s floors and carpets.

Ideal Size Trap Dirt at Entryways, Patios and More

Measuring approximately 22 inches wide by 36 inches long, this medium size doormat is ideal for placement outside home entry doors as well as for patios, garages, RV campsites, and more. The generous size provides plenty of space to wipe shoes thoroughly before entering. It’s also suitable for commercial settings like office building lobbies, store entrances, restaurants, and other businesses.

Beautifully Crafted by William F. Kempf & Son

For over 100 years, William F. Kempf & Son has hand crafted exceptional all-natural fiber rugs and doormats like this Black Border Coir Mat. Their commitment to using only the highest quality renewable and sustainable materials results in products built to last.

Give your floors the protection they deserve while welcoming guests and family in style with the Black Border Coir Doormat by William F. Kempf & Son. Order yours today!


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